Hello everyone

I hope you are doing well and enjoying in your homes using uptrennd.

BOLT is one the most emerging project in the world that are making their own army first and then they will shake the whole world with its influence.

Did  you ever hear about registration policy of BOLT⚡ project?

If not then read this👇👇

Every month they give opportunities to register yourself with them. If you will get their confirmation of registration then you just need to do little tasks like twitter retweet and like. These tasks come may be after a day or 2 so,it is not difficult one.

They will give you bolts at the end of the month having worth upto 60 to 80 dollars but before that you must need registration.

We got previleg of BOLT Asia. This is new group and they will also choose members from this group.

They need good number of people every month.Join this group and you will not regret your decision.

​BOLT is new project and still it's value is 0.003 currently. Many tipping parties and trivia will be held and you will get BOLT token in return.

​Join here and be part of family!!!

​​​Click here​​

We will share other things to you in the group... Waiting there for all of you. Tell me in comment section to win 5 1up after joining group.

Good luck 

Yours only,

             Kamran Akbar



Ishmael Kelechi
06 Jan

Yet another opportunity to earn. Bolt should be tried out, at least it doesn't hurt to try. 

I am joining as soon as possible 

Kamran has donated 5 points to Ishmael Kelechi 3 weeks ago


Ayesha Malik
06 Jan

I was wondering where you guys are fetching such opportunities for us;🤓

Now we all have become family on such a platform; already been added to the group and I am excited for the forthcoming projects of Bolt Asia.

Kamran has donated 5 points to Ayesha Malik 2 weeks ago


Dr. Numan Tariq
06 Jan

I tried to join but couldn't join this... Plz tell me how to join...? 

I first time heard about Bolt and want to join and be a member of it... Plz guide in this regard @Kamran Akbar bhai.. 

Search just start and not moving on... 


Mahnoor Danish
07 Jan

What's your username at telegram? 


Dr. Numan Tariq
07 Jan

I'm not on telegram... I have read about this on uptrennd but don't know... What is it and how to use.... Is this some app..? 


Ayyat Fatima

telegram is an app and all the support team like uptrennd and some new groups like bolt asia are made there


Dr. Numan Tariq

I've joined telegram....but how i can join that groups...?


Ayyat Fatima

you have to search for different groups or the links of different groups would take you there, let me give you

Uptrennd Announcements

Uptrennd Community First

Uptrennd Support

Uptrennd Casual Chat

Uptrennd Pakistan

Uptrennd Español

Uptrennd Africa


Sajjad Ali
06 Jan

thanks @kamran akhbar give us such wonderful opportunity.🌷

I am going to join telegram group. I hope all of us enjoy bolt group. We are learning different opportunities on daisy basis💓


Ifeanyi Obasi
06 Jan

Thanks for this opportunity bro. I just joined the. Telegram group.

I hope to learn a lot about the token soon.







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