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Hi first thing first, I am Pumox and i am one of the member/customer of Bnxfinex project and i have used the Bnxfinex platform and i collected all the major news about this project and I think you have already known about some of the announcement that they have given in their telegram channel.


The decentralized idea of digital money networks is one of their fundamental points of interest over fiat monetary forms. Decentralization wipes out outsider dangers and the requirement for monetary delegates. It additionally expands security and straightforwardness as there is no single purpose of disappointment in the organization and all monetary exchanges are obvious on the public record. So, now we are going to discuss about the Bnxfinex and so much detail about it and thanks for Bnxfinex they are always there with us in our each and every steps.

Bnxfinex ? What is this all about ?:

BNXFINEX is a digital money trade that underpins a wide assortment of crypto resources for exchanging. It offers speculators a cordial, simple to-utilize exchanging stage with a wide scope of good items modified by Bnxfinex on an assortment of gadgets to help customers in exchanging whenever, anyplace. The specialists working with Bnxfinex are the individuals who comprehend the market, client brain science and are determined to carry Bnxfinex's items to in excess of 100 nations around the world. Trades, having a solid help group with countless shoppers all around the world. Exchanging exercises are completed in a decentralized way and brokers take control and deal with their assets and resources through their private keys. Under this exchanging framework, the broker's character is left well enough alone while the mediator administration is totally avoided. We are continuously moving into the innovative period where figuring power is the fuel of current innovation. PC handling power is expected to drive the always advancing and expanding parts of innovation. Computerized reasoning, augmented simulation, expanded reality, distributed computing, and blockchain innovation are only a couple of them. It has become a product as request keeps on developing. Nowadays, you can purchase anything with digital currency - from BNX Exchange to the best supercars. Notwithstanding, with regards to shopping for food or purchasing a latte at your number one bistro, it re-visitations of old fashioned fiat cash. 

Bnx trade is upheld on all ERC, TRC, BNB… .and so forth Tokens. Furthermore, it underpins incredible accomplices. Straightforward trade interface. BNX trade FINEX gives incredible security and Authentication 2FA Available thus numerous security highlights accessible on bnx trade. The biggest cryptographic money trade on the planet One of the fundamental highlights is that the trade is extremely, smooth and simple to utilize. Any time . Deposit or Withdrawal Any activity of a moment Received Notification at your Registered email address or Register portable number. Significant Kyc is any sort of token Deposit or withdrawal of Kyc is anything but difficult to send and check in no time. The best Bnx Finex trade group is accessible every minute of every day. Backing is accessible on Chat or email to get in touch with us. Furthermore, your critical thinking in a brief timeframe to settle and new individuals Check our own help accessible, one token BNX token is the best token the cost of this token is recorded in the best value the stock is generally excellent.

There is a lot more about Bnxfinex that you have to understand in time so be the part of Bnxfinex just right now for free.

Business model:

Significant digital currency sets and their exchanging action accessible on a trade. This administration is very huge yet straightforward. Merchants from around the world will have the option to utilize the stage and be essential for the environment's expected development. Major crypto resources have been recorded and past is one way.

Best user experience: Agreeable and smooth trade interface. It is imperative to furnish clients with the best exchanging experience with the market. There is a day in and day out online client care for merchants to help. This will guarantee all exchanges experience.

Credential: Liquidity is additionally a central point that numerous trades neglect to accomplish. Without adequate liquidity, the broker won't have the option to utilize the stage without any problem. Liquidity will be conveyed across 250 market boundaries with front line innovation and framework.

Protect: A multi-model structure will make the main thing conceivable and that is its security highlights. With the best front and back plan alongside broadened plans to give clients stable business tasks. A great deal of layer security has been actualized to keep the hack from working and any execution fields.

Major Announcement:

Bnxfinex has announced that they have their exchange and where you can now trade and have a profit and also you can earn unlimited per day by doing the trade and If you haven't get notified then please visit their Telegram channel and also visit the most exciting trading platform developed by Bnxfinex team. The name of the trading platform is

Telegram Announcement :

So this is the major update that i want to show you and don't miss this opportunity and start earning from today and receive your instant withdraw and all the withdraw depends upon the blockchain crowd. So, from today lets start earning more and more.

Token Details:

BNX FINEX Exchange Market:

  • Total Supply for Savings: 3,000,000

  • Amount Remaining Supply: 2,586,144

  • Remaining Blocks: 13

  • Starting Price: 1.1

  • Target: 3,000,000

  • BNX goes to the next block: 186,144

BNX tokens:

  • The BNX token is developed based on the ERC20 standard belonging to the Ethereum network.

  • Token Name: BNX Token

  • Symbol: BNX

  • Total Volume: 12,000,000

BNX tokens will be distributed to followers:

  • Marketing: 2,000,000

  • Savings: 3,000,000

  • Community Fund: 3,000,000

  • Foundation Fund: 4,000,000


Bnxfinex always strives to be the best and most reliable trading broker in the world. The goal of bnxfinex is very specific to provide you with an invaluable global experience combined with unique insights from leading experts. promises constant innovation, progress and support. The Bnxfinex team understands that reputation is of the utmost importance to a company when it comes to financial brokerage. That's what motivates Bnxfinex to develop the most comfortable trading environment for all customers (regardless of individual or organization).

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