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As we know that many days have been passed but have you noticed that Bnxfinex launch their trading/exchange platform and first thing first I am Pumox and you know me well and today we are going to discuss about the concept of Bnxfinex trading Platform and here we go:

Many platform came and went and many exchanges is been hacked day by day and many peoples have loosed their money about million of dollars. Why this happened ? Did you know why? Yes you are right it's because of careless and because they don't know anything about exchanges and they have deposited money for their future for more profit and also they neither heard about that exchange/trading platform before. Please I request you all that never trust such a bad exchange/trade system which has no concept for future. So all you have to trust is to Here you can trade and also deposit your money without any risk and also please read about their concept in the trading platform and if you don't do single trading then how you gonna define its a good and well managed trading platform. So, either you can deposit your money and start trading or you have another option using the demo account for new members who are actually a new to this trading journey. So, choice is yours. Better is that please try first step of trading with a demo account balance and you will get to know what is the concept of the platform and how it works.

What is Binary Option ?

So, here we go, lets have a discuss about the what really means a binary option and how far is it good for people and also lets have a discuss about trading in binary option is easy ? Yes nothing is impossible/difficult. It's all matter on your thinking and if you gonna trade as you are not new to this trade journey then you can win a lot more. Just he/she shouldn't have fear of loss while trading and as you know that fear is the weakness of human. All you have to do is deposit money, choose an option, click "High" or "Low", invest your money, and submit your transaction, right? Not actually. All great journeys in life rely on having a road map, and binary options trading is no exception. You absolutely must have a solid knowledge of the market and how to trade to be able to do well on the market. If you are only interested in the options, you will never be successful in the long run. Start learning to trade right away at BNX, with our helpful library of educational resources.

What they think?(Bnxfinex):

Let support Bnxfinex and it's exchange option and we don't have to know what they think because whatever they think is too good and they know what they are going to do and its all for our easiness and they just care for us and don't ever miss this great opportunity being one of the part of Bnxfinex project. As an online trade, they understand that having a safe method to deal with their clients' cash is the best approach. They need to empower better banking to permit our administrations to be as dexterous and adaptable as conceivable in this 4.0 computerized (digital) period. Adjusting our reasoning and adopting a computerized strategy to help us profit by new chances and rewards. The certain that they can make an unmistakable favorable position over ordinary banks since they can use the innovation behind computerized banking. On a quickly advancing business sector, BNXFINX will never fall behind. As new ages of clients arise and begin to influence the monetary world, They need to get a handle on new purchaser conduct because of their capacity to gather input and client information through our advanced financial framework. 

BNXFINEX will probably make our experience exchanging with them as advantageous as could be expected under the circumstances.

About Token:

Token Name: BNX Token

Symbol: BNX

Total Volume: 12,000,000

BNX Token will be distributed to a follower:

Marketing: 2,000,000

Savings: 3,000,000

The Community Fund: 3,000,000

The Foundation Fund: 4,000,000

BNX FINEX Exchange Market

Total Supply for Savings: 3,000,000

Amount Remaining Supply: 2,586,144

Remaining Blocks: 13

Starting Price: 1.1

Target: 3,000,000

BNX goes to the next block: 186,144

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