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03 Nov
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Blockhain Gaming Digest #16

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Lucas S 6 months ago

The GOD-tier skin auction....that looks awesome. Def checking that out haha. And who wouldn't want a crypto-kitty racecar??

ATMODEPTH #Indiegamedev 6 months ago

Cats and race cars...

...only in crypto! :-DDDD

I love it!

Busola Akinlolu 6 months ago

Some really cool games in here, will jump on them, missed playing games

Jan Bouda 6 months ago

Pretty cool blockchain games releases. I like your digest, nice jobJ

Damian Amadeo 6 months ago

i gotta get in to these types of games now!

ATMODEPTH #Indiegamedev 6 months ago

I am super tuned for the things to come in the crypto gaming area!

Great post!

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