BlockDesk development update

Hello BlockDesk community.

 Today we wanted to give you an in depth development updated. We know many people are awaiting the beta launch of BlockDesk and want to know how they can get some BD tokens, what the site will look like and when it will launch.

1) We have partnered with the EWMCI group who will be creating a SHOP on BlockDesk. This shop will allow individuals to sell and buy items online and pay for them via crypto, payments will be made similar to the services side of the platform and go into an escrow to ensure security of the buyer. At the same time we will have a team to check the legitimacy of each product sent.

Here is a sneak peak of the shop front:

No FIAT only crypto, that is the general goal of BlockDesk.

2) Regarding BlockDesk services section, we are now close to completion and have almost finished integration of our custom built smart contract and payment gateway with USDC through metamask. This will allow anyone to safely and securely hire BlockChain experts globally without the worry of funds going missing and the experts running of, as the funds will be stored in the smart contract until the job is complete.

 Here check it out:

PS: The cosmetics have not yet been changed, as many of you know BlockDesk was initially the BEAST platform and has been re-branded, reworked, created a new token, got new partnerships more. 

This is simply an update to our community on the backend work which is the most crucial and difficult part of any project.

3) Some other features we have added:

  • Ability to log in for free

  • News section

  • Education section for newcomers and for professionals (for example if you own a company and wish to enter the Blockchain industry, we will have an expert guide and educate you

  • Ability to promote members to experts (if you feel you have the necessary experience you can apply as a user through BlockDesk

Roadmap and things to come:

We are close to our BETA launch and are super excited about it and our community is also, VSYS is launching a token swap exchange much like UNISWAP so the BlockDesk token will be available on it soon as it is launched.

The goal is for us to launch this year and then make developments on a regular basis with our community.

This project was funded by a few enthusiasts and is our gift to all of you,  a platform which will connect the industry!



Connecting the industry



A Rafay Khan
22 Sep

Thanks for informing the new update


Frank Chukwu
22 Sep

This will be really good. At least we can get to order our goods through crypto


Muhd Hassan
22 Sep

a well explained and perfectt information am glad you shared this really a very good work here and a very perfect one indeed


Sajid Rahim
22 Sep

Thank you very much you are sharing very Good information and New update


Ebunoluwa Fatunbi
22 Sep

I'm glad to be informed about this. Nice information, thanks for sharing it here







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