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09 Jan
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Blockchain Social Platforms You Should Really Avoid

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MRKWH MRKWH 5 months ago

I like that you take the risk to put your money on those projects to research it for the community and share it, much appreciated. 

Many of those platforms didn't seem all to legit in the first place, even the good ones struggle here and then, so it's a pity that they suck out the market in such ways and abuse the trust of people who are willing to support it.

Scott Cunningham 5 months ago

Yeah indeed, and because I don't want people having a bad outlook on blockchain social, I'm happy to investigate and share :)

Luke Brenland 5 months ago

Extensive breakdown mate and you are definitely the man to watch when it comes to knowing which platforms are worth taking note of or using so thank you for all that you do at your own expense.

I remember quite a few people sharing posts about whaleshares and bearshares here months ago and i did wonder what happened to them lol

Scott Cunningham 5 months ago

It's not free, but it's worth it! Always a pleasure

razeiv Thapa 5 months ago

Post of the day for me 👏

Yes, i was too stupid to waste my time on whaleshares too, but that was before i met Uptrennd. In Narrative i lost almost $70 and when i try to sell it in the end it was worthless cause there were only buyers and buyers.

Scott Cunningham 5 months ago

No need to lose money anymore, I'll explore these platforms and let you know!

razeiv Thapa 5 months ago

I should be mentioning sellers and sellers lol! .. Oh! an error!

Yes, i love the way you present some awesome sites and platform.

ubaid Adnan 5 months ago

This the best post I have seen today!!

Thank you so much Scott.

Scott Cunningham 5 months ago

It was my pleasure mate

EngrSamest . 5 months ago

As you mentioned Whaleshares I did not border to read further not because others are not what I have not tasted but the damage whaleshares did to me after wasting my precious time and resources made me develop personal hatred for the project. I brought whaleshares to Africa and lured many Africa to the project with the right mind but the developer that called themselves team kill the project and render every token acquired with hard work worthless.

Settling down with a project, you need to look at the team behind the project before you engage yourself fully on such project.

thanks for this comprehensive review

Scott Cunningham 5 months ago

Fully agree, it seems I'm not the only one who lost money eh


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