Blockchain Gaming Digest #20

Use your Cubes from Nestables in Forgotten Artifacts

The Multiverse Games collaborate together and now Nestables are available inside Forgotten Artifacts. Are you a proud Cube owner? Use the cute animals in Forgotten Artifacts! Download the game and play now.

EOS Knights on Ethereum Blockchain as Knight Story

The popular EOS game has launched its version on the Ethereum Blockchain with a different name called Knight Story. There will be more blockchain integrations including Tron and Claytn.

Download the game now and start playing.

Tesla’s Cybertruck in Battle Racers

Ready to test drive the new Cybertruck before anyone else? All you have to do is wait for the Battle Racers game! Season 1 is coming tomorrow, the 3rd of December.

Mine BZN Tokens in War Riders Now

war riders bzn mining

The first mining test phase has begun and every vehicle owner can start mining BZN tokens. Even more, there is an ongoing competition where you can claim extra rewards.

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Announcing Reewardio Bounty Launch With A Massive Giveaway

The blockchain-based reward platform Reewardio launched its beta version and we celebrate with a massive giveaway! Win the Aurora Dragon and play Forgotten Artifacts with it! Also, you can win a portion of the 50,000 RIO Coins valued at 2,000$.

Learn More.

Multiverse101 is now live!


We are happy to announce that joins the family. The new website aims to become a well-rounded website to guide newcomers to the gaming multiverse.

Don’t forget to join the giveaway!

0xWarriors Integrates NEO blockchain

The popular RPG blockchain game 0xWarriors adds NEO blockchain through the Arkane Network. With this move now the game is available in four different blockchain networks ( Ethereum, TRON, EOS, and NEO)

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MyCryptoHeroes Partner With Opera Browser

The TCG blockchain game My Crypto Heroes announced a new collaboration with the Opera Browser. Opera offers a Web 3 browser with native support for cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens (in-game assets) and decentralized applications as well as a huge worldwide user base.

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Battle Racers Early Access is Now Available

Battle Racers early access is out and you can compete in real-time PVP races using car parts you own. 

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preview not available Busola Akinlolu
02 Dec

Some beautiful games to get acquainted with. Thanks for always updating us :)



preview not available Hafsa M
02 Dec

interesting games, thanks for sharing.



EngrSamest .
02 Dec

You guys always loaded us witH great update In the world of blockchain games. Thanks got this great work. 



Zaheer Khan
03 Dec

Nice post gud information for me I like these games.


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