Just Sent 333,334 EOS From Their "b1" & Some Went to Exchanges. Is this for "Bullish" as Daniel Larimer thinks? 🤞 just sent 333,334 EOS from their "b1" account to newly created accounts & exchanges.

TL;DR CONCLUSION: Tens or hundreds of thousands of EOS went from to Coinbase, Kraken & Binance through intermediary accounts. 

Is this for "Bullish" as Daniel Larimer thinks? 🤞

All of the following transactions occurred on March 26, 2021:

B1 (333,334 EOS) -> pifweasjhgqa

    pifweasjhgqa (180,300 EOS) -> e1k2m1ynpoof -> lbt4e2kqjxep

    pifweasjhgqa -> Coinbase (31,651 EOS)

    pifweasjhgqa -> Kraken (26,366 EOS)

    pifweasjhgqa -> (63,336 EOS)

    pifweasjhgqa -> xq3bcloi5tox -> ywdpeqri3zgc -> dgh2ahyi5tc2 (31,661 EOS)


  •  More EOS goes to exchanges than shown-- It's just obfuscated through intermediary accounts.

  •  EOS account "lbt4e2kqjxep", and the accounts that it sends funds to, have many large (6-figure) EOS transactions going to Binance, KuCoin and Coinbase. It appears this account is some kind of machine that gradually sells large volumes of EOS across many exchanges. And B1 sent funds that ended up in this account.

  •  Some of the funds were co-mingled with other accounts which already held EOS, which makes it more difficult to trace.

  •  Please double check this in case I made any errors.

  • We don’t know exactly what B1 is doing. They’ve made no statement. Dan Larimer guesses that maybe it has something to do with liquidity on Bullish.

    Where will these tokens move next? To exchanges like the rest? Why would they sell their EOS tokens when they have so much money already?

    Also shared here in image format:


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