A bullet is said to be a piece of metal that functions alongside a gun. Without a bullet, a gun is as good as useless. A bullet in the wrong hand can used to commit a crime or bring justice when in the right hand by law. A bullet fired into the air can be used to disperse people, but at close range can kill or put the live of it's victim in pain.

While a bullet can be called LIVE ammunition - a bullet which when fired from the gun can kill or wound it's victim. While a bullet can as well be BLANK ammunition - one that can't kill, but can weaken or disperse people gathered especially during a protest. A protest by law, is a citizen's right and meant to be peaceful. A live bullet is ONLY used when life is threatened as a result of weapon in the wrong hand/s, others blank bullets or even water canon is used instead.

Thus, understanding the difference between the types of bullets we've and looking at the Lekki Toll Gate Massacre in Lagos State on October 20/10/2020 by the Nigerian Army is key. You need NOT be told that the codes of conducts were breached and LIVE ammunition/bullets were unleashed on peaceful protesters that wield no weapon even while they were singing the National Anthem and raising the Flag. 

Thank you for dropping my BLOG. But, it's a sad thing today that rather than take responsibility for the drama they acted, there's blame shifting from the Army to the Governor and now the Federal Government on CNN and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. Uptrennd to the MOON.☀👑🙌🚀




Esther Akusobi
26 Nov

To me all I can say is ,may the innocent people that died at that lekki  rest in peace,it was indeed a bad moment and government are not saying anything positive about it or about the issue of the protest rather they keep saying that there where not death that day ,hmm may God help and delver Nigeria.


Jerry Otebele
26 Nov

Yea! R.I.P to the fallen HEROES. They're saying something and that's saying NOTHING. The government is using SAME old tactics to dodge the truth.

Nobody wants to suffer the CONSEQUENCES of their action and that's why they keep dragging the MATTER back and forth.

They've REFUSED to give any HINT or even VIDEO clip about the incident yet CNN was bold enough to help show us what our government can't show - SHAME. Now, they feel threaten and threatens to sanction CNN, something that DONALD TRUMP couldn't do.

And trust ME, this is how they will drag the matter on Lekki Toll Gate until it becomes HISTORY without holding anybody accountable or responsible. Thank you for sharing your opinion. ☀👑🙌🚀







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