Black hole. What do you know?

Black hole, in astrophysics, is a massive cosmic body whose gravitational field is so powerful that it does not allow any material formation and radiation to escape from it. Black hole can also be said to be an object that occurs when a certain quantity of matter is collected in a point in space.



Sajjad Hussain
30 May

Yes dear you are right I have heard about it


Spheroid Universe Space





Spheroid Universe is a platform for developing and launching projects in Augmented Reality. The platform’s technological foundation is the Spheroid AR Cloud OS and Spheroid Script programming language. Spheroid Universe is a technological ecosystem based on breakthrough technologies that help to connect the Augmented Reality world with the real world for Gaming, Entertainment, Advertising, Education, various types of services and activities with extensive monetization possibilities for participants. The idea of the platform is based on the extension of the concept of private property to the augmented reality space (parceled out into plots called Spaces - ERC721 tokens) and on unifying Space owners for the purpose of monetization of Spaces. Spheroid Universe is a vast new market, where Space owners rather than IT corporations will receive the main share of profits. It’s a world where advertising is not a boring billboard, ad or video clip, but a work of art. Vivid, vibrant and fascinating.


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