BitTube interview: 10 1UP reward for each picked question!

Dear Uptrenndians,

In the course of the coming two weeks my brother @Alex Rourke and I are going to launch an audio & video podcasts cycle, named: “IoT – Internet of Think”, where we’ll try to dive through interviews in the intricacies of today’s electronic networks.

Our inaugural guest will be Saber Maram, BitTube’s founder and CEO.

We announce it here some days before, to allow all of you to share questions in the comments section, for us to direct to Saber the most relevant ones.

Any selected question will be rewarded with 10 1UP, so don’t be shy! :-)

In case you wouldn’t know so much about BitTube and its AirTime mechanism, here are a couple of resources, and a short presentation of its ecosystem:

- the BitTube website, from where to download its browser extension & its API

- the project’s knowledge base, or its own encyclopedia

the current move of BitTube towards 100% decentralization. “No more compromises”, one of the p2p instances that surpasses YouTube

The BitTube platform offers a very handy interface and environment to upload audios & videos, and to display them towards a growing userbase.

Among the BitTube’s features, it’s worthwhile to stress the following ones:

  • their coin, the Tube (TUBE) is mined on BitTuber’s own blockchain and is privacy oriented, its code being inspired from    the Monero (XMR) one;


  • their consensus regime relies on a combination between Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake, this latter mechanism allowing the users to unlock advanced functionalities on the platform;


  • they’ve released back in 2017 a browser’s extension which is a “Swiss Army knife” for our daily Internet needs: it provides us with a very effective adblocker, a VPN, a hub to buy Tubes with fiat or other cryptos, and an AirTime manager, that monetizes every minute we dedicate to browse the web (without the need to be watching ads :-) ) and integrates a “donate Tubes” button on the most popular social medias (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook,…) so that we can reward our friends or the content creators we appreciate;


  • this year BitTube innovates big time, by being the first blockchain-run platform (as far as I know) to integrate into the massive p2p non-blockchain Fediverse network (see:     It’ll for sure be one of the topics we’ll tackle during the interview :-)

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Lucas S
28 Jul

the obvious question, for me at least, is how does the Airtime Manager monetize the time spent online? This seems like it would need to tie in with a browsing tracker or something to collect data. Is there another way it works?


Farooq Niazi
28 Jul

I don't know about it at all I don't know what to ask you I also clicked on lin but i don't understand

Help me or give me as a gift 🙈

My bad luck 😥 sir


ijatz La Hojita
28 Jul

Heellooo @Farooq, how are you Uptrennding? :-)

The purpose of this announcement is to make you look for more information about BitTube, to allow you formulate a question (or several ones). It's true that you'll need to dedicate time to such a research (I'd say at least half an hour).

P.S.: remember that asking for 1UP gifts on Uptrennd isn't accepted, better not asking for one ;-)


Farooq Niazi
28 Jul

I'm perfectly fine sir..and you

I'm just kidding sir not serious







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