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We are in the modern era where everyone can transact more safely and easily. With cryptocurrency, people can freely make transactions without going through a third party, anonymous, safe, and fast. Since the emergence of cryptocurrency, the global financial industry has begun to experience changes, and many people have used this digital coin.

The development of the crypto market, making crypto developers think that it is good to be able to implement traditional financial instruments into a decentralized platform so that people can use traditional financial instruments when they are in the crypto world. At this point, a decentralized finance protocol appeared on the crypto market, giving developers the ability to implement traditional financial instruments on a decentralized platform. The DeFi protocol provides solutions such as swap, lend, stake, and liquidity mining, which maximize user profits in the crypto market.

BitOfTrade: At Your Profit

We all know that the DeFi protocol allows people to maximize their profits in the crypto market. Therefore, BitOfTrade is present as a platform that can provide users with profit and passive income at the same time.

BitOfTrade is a platform built and designed by professionals to provide users with a credible and reliable DeFi platform. By holding BTF tokens provided by BitOfTrade, users have the opportunity to be able to generate weekly profit, but it depends on the balance and holding time.

But that's not all if lucky users can get 100% balance because BitOfTrade plans to add an additional random bonus (up to 100% of the balance!) Randomly to the lucky account.

BitOfTrade Features

  • Attractive Deposits: Users can deposit their BTF with a high-interest rate of up to 100% using the BitOfTrade proprietary Deposit smart contract.

  • Ethereum Based: BTF is a token provided by BitOfTrade, which has the same functionality as most other cryptocurrencies.

  • Fully Transparent: BitOfTrade guarantees that every transaction can be tracked in the Ethereum block explorer and cannot be edited or deleted by any party.

  • Easy Start: No need to be a professional to trade BTF tokens. With only Metamask wallet and connect, UnisSwap exchange, users can trade BTF tokens easily without the need to register or KYC.

BTF Token

BitOfTrade provides a token called BTF based on the ERC-20 Ethereum blockchain, this token will have functionality as currency, bond, and deposit. This token is planned to be issued in the amount of 1000000 BTF with a limited supply. With a limited supply, BitOfTrade can create demand in the market.

More than currency, BTF tokens will serve as the base of a number of profitable services, that will increase the profitability for the token holders. Each BTF will bring a weekly profit, which depends on the balance and the holding time in the billing week. And if lucky, users can get up to 100% (of balance) bonus. This is an opportunity not to be missed.

In Conclusion

There are many DeFi platforms on the market today that operate and offer users a variety of DeFi solutions, which often provide the user with a profit. BitOfTrade is part of decentralized finance - a platform that provides DeFi features, which allow users to get profit and passive income, even by only holding BTF tokens! This is an innovative DeFi platform that provides DeFi services and attractive rewards to users easily, safely, and comfortably.


  • BTF is an ERC 20 token, trading at Coinsbit and Uniswap, and providing the functionality of cryptocurrency, bonds, and deposits.

  • BitOfTrade is a platform built and designed by professionals to provide users with a credible and reliable DeFi platform.

  • Built for profit accumulation and passive income!

  • BitOfTrade is an original instrument for passive income and profit accumulation.

  • Every BTF generates a weekly profit, which depends on the balance and the holding time.




BTT Username: Sirait
BTT Profile:;u=1112636
Telegram: @Sirait999

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