BitMix.Biz - safe bitcoin mixer (full review)

10 years later after emergence with confidence it is possible to call bitcoin alternative currency and the most convenient means of payment. But its pseudo-anonymity, on a row with high security of transactions does not suit many, each of them can be traced through a blockchain the register. Cryptocurrencies the bitcoin mixers, such as BitMix.Biz are capable to improve use.

Review of the BitMix.Biz service

BitMix.Biz — mixing service bitcoin transactions which helps to protect confidentiality in the conditions of pseudo-anonymity and the open register of transactions. It is one of the reliable services capable to foul the trail of transactions and to make impossible tracking of a chain from the sender of cryptocurrency to the recipient.

Process of mix on service is completely automated, and after cleaning of bitcoin service will remove all data on your stay on the website. Service use absolutely anonymously. For carrying out operation it will not be required to specify any personal data. Does not conduct service and log-books of visits or use. Information on the entered deposits is saved only for 72 hours for safety.

As it works

The bitcoin the BitMix.Biz mixer anonymizes transactions by means of their crushing on small parts and repeated transfer in the different directions. The platform will take away bitcoin on a deposit, will carry out its anonymization and will return the same quantity, but already absolutely new coins. It significantly complicates and makes almost impossible trackings of the initial sender of transactions therefore the coins which got on a purse after mix can be considered "clean".

Having entered bitcoins on service, the user receives the letter of guarantee which is the proof of obligations of BitMix.Biz to return coins. The letter contains 12-place code which needs to be kept for the period of carrying out transactions. This code guarantees the right to a deposit with the cleaned coins back.

After filling of the online application for clarification, each user gets a number bitcoin purse to which it is necessary to send coins for cleaning. Together with the address of a purse also digital signature confirming that this address is generated by the BitMix.Biz service will be provided.

For what do to use bitcoin the mixer?

There is a myth that the bitcoin is completely anonymous, but it not absolutely so. Its system really does not request confidential information on users, but the register of transactions is in open access. By means of tracking a register blockchain anyone can look at a way of coins from the moment of their creation to the current holder and also keep track of balance of a purse, all entering and proceeding transactions on it.

For carrying out insignificant operations it is possible to use cryptocurrency without fears, but there are also cases when it is necessary to remove the large sum, at the same time to remain anonymous and not to get under close attention of hackers or supervisory authorities.

Possession of information on transactions on a cryptocurrency purse at first sight can seem insignificant threat, the user still remains anonymous. And this is true, but only before the first collision with reality. If you want to bring bitcoin to the card through the exchange or the exchanger, pay delivery of goods to the house or any other way, connect the address with personal data, then to find the personality will not make special work.

How "to clean" bitcoins through BitMix.Biz

It is possible to anonymize bitcoin through a simple online form where it will be required to specify the appointment address for clean coins. For increase in confidentiality it is recommended to create new bitcoin purse and also to use for connection of TOR network.

The user can independently choose mixing time in the range from 72 watch before instant translation. Force of mixing and level of anonymization depends on the determined time of a delay.

After filling of a form, "dirty" bitcoins should be sent to the address offered by service therefore the client receives the letter with a confidential code. On the mixing expiration this code needs to be entered into the respective field and "clean" bitcoins will be sent to the address specified in shape.

Commissions of service

One of advantages of service — the low commissions which users can independently establish. The minimum one operation commission makes 0,4% of the sum, the maximum 4%.

The efficiency of mixing also depends on the chosen level of the commission. The more the payment is established, the more exchange transactions will be made.

Advantages of BitMix.Biz

It is possible to distinguish the following advantages from features of the platform:

mixing force indicator

low and dynamic commissions;

instant cleaning;

an opportunity to establish a delay for increase in confidentiality;

security of payments by means of the letter of guarantee;

any information on operations is removed after 72 hours;

partner program;

allows to add API to projects, thereby providing anonymity of all payments in them.


BitMix.Biz by right is considered one of the most reliable and convenient services of mixing, with the reputation confirmed with responses. With its help it is possible to forget about such lack of bitcoin as lack of full anonymity and to be sure that the true origin of coins will be hidden from strangers.

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All of good money and patience!



preview not available Luke Brenland
04 Mar

Great review Victor!! and as always the effort is top notch! really enjoy reading your post mate and might even check this out as i am also starting to take interest in mining!



Viktor Freeman
04 Mar

Thanks  Luke) and for you're  donate)



preview not available Luke Brenland
04 Mar

mate i admire the effort you put into your posts :D



Viktor Freeman
04 Mar

(I would have more time for it... I have the main work is not connected with cryptocurrency in any way, and the cryptocurrency is a hobby, but I would like that this hobby was more than just a hobby)



preview not available Luke Brenland
04 Mar

Mate keep working on it and send some of them to publishers, hopefully we can get you some exposure on here and get you a following base here which will help too! :)



preview not available Romana Grubesic
04 Mar

Thank you for this detailed review!



preview not available Martin Kiel
04 Mar

Super valuable, Upp you go :)



MrBullishSail Crypto Trader
04 Mar

Excellent review, Viktor, very well detailed, I didn't know this platform, thank you for sharing it :)

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