The First Contract Stop for Beginners The First Contract Stop for Beginners

Bitget is one of the leading digital assets and the world's largest crypto derivatives copy trading platform around world, with over 1million registered users worldwide and a $2 billion daily trading volume. In this article, we will cover the main things you need to know about


Bitget is a Singapore-based global leading cryptocurrency derivative exchange founded in April 2018, which aims to make a digital asset Easy to Get and Easy to Exchange. 

A derivative is a contract between two pa1C7A90rties that derives its value/price from an underlying asset. In the case of cryptocurrency derivatives, the underlying asset is, mostly, Bitcoin (BTC) or other top cryptocurrencies, in which case, Bitget uses Tether (USDT). 

Bitget officially launched the USDT contract in July 2019. It is the world's first platform with both USDT and Inverse contracts with the most comprehensive USDT contract trading pairs.

Bitget completed $10 million USD in Series-B financing backed by Anlan Capital growth fund as well as South Korea-listed Japanese gaming company SNK, raising its valuation to USD $1 billion in July 2020. Bitget has obtained Singapore digital currency payment service exemption, US MSB License, Canadian MSB license, and Australian DCE license. Bitget is committed to becoming a top platform for global compliance operations in the industry, providing the most compliant, safe, and professional digital currency trading services for users worldwide.


  Secure and Stable Trading System

- No Overload in Extreme Market Fluctuation

- Self-Developed Contract System

- SSL: A ranking for 12 SSL indicators

- Hot and cold wallet support dedicated / multi-signature

   Comprehensive Contract Features

- Cross/Isolated Margin Mode

- Preset TP/SL (the only one in the industry)

- Flash Open and Close Positions, Tiered Liquidation

    One-Click to Copy Trade

- The world's largest crypto derivatives copy trade platform

- Thousands of Elite Traders Gathering in Bitget

- Traders can get 10% profit by initiating trade 24/7 Multilingual Customer Support - 24/7 Customer Support - 1-on-1 Customer Support for Key Client - Multilingual Support English/Chinese/Japanese/Korean/Vietnamese 


Spot TradingBitget spot markets support 9 mainstream coins with 11 trading pairs with the most active trading pair being BTC/USDT.

Perpetual ContractsBitget provides 1-100x leverage for users. Traders can set and adjust the margin and leverage even after placed orders. For example, users can decrease the liquidation probability by adjusting the leverage or add margin when they are losing. In contrast, traders can multiply their profit by adjusting the leverage to a high level. 

- Perpetual Contract has a few differing specifications. unlike the traditional form of futures, it doesn’t have an expiry date. So, one can hold a position for as long as they like. 

Bitget perpetual contract zone provides seven trading sections: assets, contract varieties, chart, trade zone, contract information, depth and completed transaction, open orders, and history. Contract information consists of funding rate, provision of risks, margin flow, futures position, and tier tables.

Choosing an exchange/trading platform has never been easy, however, there are things we consider when choosing an ideal trading platform. Bitget offers a key feature that is surely worth checking in.


 Bitget is the most advanced and largest contract copy trade platform worldwide. One of Bitget's strongest features is COPY TRADE

What is Copy Trade? Copy Trade/Copy-trading allows traders to copy trades executed by other investors. The goal of copy trading is for the trader to have the same positions as the investor they are copying and this is what Bitget makes possible for the users to not keep an eye on the market. Currently, they have 1600 elite traders. Users can select multiple preferred Elite Traders and follow them to automatically synchronize their trading behaviors to achieve profitability just by one click, and close position at any time. This function provides a win-win solution for both users and traders.

  How do you Copy Trade on Bitget?

  Download Bitget's App on Apple Store for iOS and on Google Playstore for Android devices.

  Register on Bitget via Email or Phone number. 

Once you have an account registered on Bitget, you may now continue to Copy Trade. On the home page, click on the COPY TRADE tab located at the second right bottom tab. Search for traders via RANKING navigation or by clicking the icon (four squares) on the right side. If the following is FULL, you can set a SLOT REMINDER. Look for a trader you can follow and enter the trader's page to check transactions, history and other details then click FOLLOW. On the next page, click on the right top corner to TRANSFER FUNDS and select CONTRACT TRADING PAIR. Select follow mode either UNIFIED SETTING or RESPECTIVE SETTING and select POSITION LEVERAGE; according to specified leverage or trader's leverage. Click on Risk Management to set your ratio for Stop Loss and Take Profit with the maximum position count. The final step is to confirm and you have successfully copied the trade.

Bitget screens out the top overseas traders with the best trading record each week to be announced on their official website, app, community, and media, and provide exposure to a targeted group for outstanding traders (Star traders) to acquire as many fans as possible, in addition, acquire recognition of more followers in Bitget

⭐ Global Top 5 Contract Trading Platform - Bitget has been listed on multiple cryptocurrencies ranking platforms as seen below: 

- CoinMarketCap 

- Coinpaprika 

- CryptoAdventure 

- Coinhills 

- NomicsFinance 

- Coingecko

 Four National Licenses, Compliance Operation 

- U.S. MSB License 

- Canada MSB License 

- Australia DCE License 

- Exemption of Provision of Cryptocurrency Payment Services in Singapore.

⭐ Strong Safety Risk Control 

- A ranking for 12 SSL indicators (the only one in the industry) 

- Four major security vendors: Suntwin Technology, Qingsong Cloud Security, HEAP, Armors 

- Listed on the international third-party safety rating agency CER 

- 5 million security risk funds 

 Valued at 1 billion dollars as Unicorn 

- SNK and Anlan Capital strategically invests tens of millions of dollars 

Full Quantitative Trading Tools - Fully Open API 

- Support CCXT 

- Quantitative Trading Tool Gunbot, Aotoview, SiriusTrader

Professional Contract Technology 

 Comprehensive Product Functions 


Low Transaction Fees

In a competitive space, the fee structure of Bitget is cutting edge.

- If you’re not using BFT (Bitget Defi Token), the Bitget’s native asset, to pay your trading fees, each trade (both makers and takers) will carry a standard flat fee of 0.2%. 

- BFT provides an additional discount on this trading fee of 30% when working with the token. It is designed to help users to use Defi services within the Bitget ecosystem. By default, if you hold BFT in your account, your trading fees will be automatically subtracted from your BFT balance. 

▪ 0.20% original fee – 30% off (or 0.06), if you pay w/ BFT= 0.14% final trading fee 

- With respect to the contract trading, the makers’ fee is 0.04% while takers pay a fee of 0.06%. 

Take note: You can only avail of the 30% (discounted fee) if you hold and pay with BFT within the platform and are trading using SPOT MARKET only. This does not apply in contract trading. 

- The internal funds’ transfer is free and can be completed within 3 minutes. Depositing is free and can be made only in cryptocurrencies. 

- Refer to this link for withdrawal fees charged by Bitget: Rate Fees

CONCLUSION: Is Bitget Safe to Use? 

The exchange’s low fees combined with the team’s proven knowledge of how to build a trading platform is enough to make it a major player. The fact that Bitget takes security and privacy seriously, is the end-game of every trading platform there is. Bitget has earned a top spot as one of the most secure exchanges via Crypto Exchange Ranks (CER) cybersecurity score (CSS), even received a great assessment/feedback from HackenProof which only proves that Bitget is indeed safe to use. 

In addition to that, users’ funds are protected via a hybrid hot and cold wallet system, multi-signature technologies, powerful risk control system, bank-level SS data encryption, and a built-in DPI active defense system. The trading system with a speed of up to 100,000 TPS enables the stability of the platform.

BITGET PROMOTIONS you shouldn’t miss! 

Bitget has an ongoing promotion for new users who will register on their awesome exchange. 

Grab this 10$ bonus and 10% rebate up to 100$ if you register here

• Bitget Global Partner Program

Bitget started penetrating the overseas market in early 2020. To expand the global business and invite more capable partners to share Bitget's growth dividends, Bitget launched the Program 

Enjoy Triple Gifts

Enjoy triple gifts by Trading Contract, more details here.  

The platform is easy and is user-friendly, but if you have questions regarding Bitget exchange, don’t hesitate to contact them with the official links attached below. 

Bitget Official Channels: 

▪ Website: Bitget-Easy to Get Easy to Exchange 

▪ Telegram community (English):

▪ Facebook: Bitget - Home | Facebook 

▪ Twitter: Bitget - Twitter 

▪ YouTube: Bitget - YouTube 

▪ Medium: BitgetGlobal – Medium 

Please refer to these links only, avoid clicking phishing sites/links Trade Bitget anywhere, either from your mobile to the trading experience tailor-made for your Windows or macOS device. Bitget API is designed to provide an easy and efficient way to integrate your trading application into our platform.



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