BITCOIN TO SKYROCKET | $12 TRILLION Global Stimulus and Dow Jones | Microchip Implant with Ripple

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In today's video we discuss the impact of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as they extend to the world of wearable technology: implanted RFID microchips. Catherine Austin Fitts suggests that the US Navy is working in conjunction with Ripple to help make such technology more widespread. One could conceivably encode their financial information, DNA specifications, cryptocurrency wallets, and more into these devices. The chip would be implanted between the thumb and the index finger. Would you sign up for a such a service for the sake of 'convenience'?
We also discuss the unprecedented measures being taken by the US Federal Reserve and other central banks around the world who are collectively offering $12 Trillion in relief as a response to the Coronavirus and worsening economic conditions.  

References: Catherine Austin Fitts talks about Denmark Tech Firm Paid By The US Navy To come up with a chip that can be implemented in the human body that will integrate with Ripple 
Original Video 
Bichip Microchip Implant is the denmark based company 
Opinions on chip implants 
Thousands of Swedes are getting chip implants to replace cash 
Breakdown Of The $12 Trillion In Global Stimulus Passed This Month 

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Malik Shahbaz
06 Apr

You took a very good step, we all do Agree with you, we hope that this will be doubled  Bitcoin value in this And this value will increase


Lavish Hunt
06 Apr

i believe that the price will still go up more than the current price


Segun Charles
06 Apr

Last last, crypto will take over everywhere. The world's economy will adopt it to the system


Senor Blindsky
06 Apr

It is a massive pump during this bull run. I also think its the longest time it has remained over 7k after bouncing the support line and breaking through. I think this will also show a lot of greens in alt coins. If believers do not stay strong then bitcoin will be spent to diversify portfolios. Very crucial time now.


Jorge Bocala I
06 Apr

wow.. it seems its backing up


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