Bitcoin Price Bottom? Will Bitcoin Moon? Cardano ADA,, CRO, MCO Updates!

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Bitcoin's price has crash about 15% once again, but there is hope! We take a look at new google trends which suggest "bitcoin" is on the rise as a search term.  

We also examine the potential link between Bitmex and the market crash, we celebrate IOHK's 5 years anniversary, and look at the most recent MCO Visa card news and offerings.  

References: Bitcoin Trending 
Bitcoin Price Crash and Bitmex – Is There a Relationship? 
Enjin Courts Blockchain Game Developers With Multiverse Program 
Charles Hoskinson Brief Cardano Update & IOHK 5-Year Anniversary MCO Launches in Europe CRO - Tezos XTZ 

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#Bitcoin #Cryptocurrency #Blockchain #BTC #ETH #Enjin #Tomochain #Electroneum #Cardano 



Obiajulu Obioha
16 Mar

This is an important topic to be discussed as it affects the world at large. But I think BTC will not drop to $3000 it'll just hover and then start to moon. 


Disca Fabi
16 Mar

Let's see what will happen on halving. I'm really excited about it, i just wanna see that bull run again:)


Wladyslaw Urbanczyk
16 Mar

For the moment get ready to revisit $3K for a little while;)


Athar Saleem
16 Mar

In the world of today, we have seen that the economy, finance and the banking systems, have failed to take measures to catch up with technological progress and its speed(industry 4.0), but continue to adopt measures that were used in the past.

 CEO of Cardano explains that there is always light at the end of the tunnel and his forecast is that in 5 years we will see an epochal change, where we will use Cardano, EOS, Tezos and Bitcoin


Imo Clement Ekuma
16 Mar

you made a nice comment that is quite different from the moon guys, bitcoin will fall drastically, but will rise later.


Athar Saleem
16 Mar

@ Imo Clement Ekuma

Coooool & policy to succeed in this highly volatile market of digital coins tokens.


Samuel Olaitan
16 Mar

Bitcoin dropped is just too hard this days. The believe that the cause of the fall was so dramatic and tensed as a lot of investor's money has gone red in profit. It is to believe that bitcoin will definitely bounce back as soon as the cause to the downfall controlled. Other crypto will follow up as bitcoin starts increasing.


Whyte_ Hemmy
16 Mar

This great news,  thanks olaitan


Robert Wolf
16 Mar

I Think positiv Crypto will Change the World but now is the time to get good Tokens for less

Chainlink , tezos , instars


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