Bitcoin Could Reach NEW HIGHS IN AUGUST! Alex Mashinsky of Celsius Network | Altcoin Buzz Spotlight

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We invite Alex Mashinsky to dicuss bitcoin price and the cryptocurrency market for our latest segment Altcoin Buzz Spotlight with Layah Heilpern! 

0:50 Bitcoin Hashrate is dropping, and many miners are closing shops. Many miners got liquidated from the loans they had taken to sell Bitcoin post halving. What are you thoughts on the Bitcoin Network and the Bitcoin Price? 
2:45 Does Bitcoin still remain as a safe haven asset? People have often given it this name, in your opinion was Bitcoin ever meant to be a Safe Haven Asset? 
4:38 Do you believe Bitcoin and Crypto is correlated to the stocks and equities market? 
7:00 What factors do you think will contribute to pushing Bitcoin to 20k and Beyond? 
9:00 With everything that’s been going we have seen the markets crash. To try to fight this crisis the Us senate passed a 2 trillion dollar stimulus package What are your but concerns about this? 
11:05 How do you think Cryptocurrency will fare in the time of this financial crisis? 
12:57 In Celcius Network people can take loans on their Cryptocurrency Collaterals. This drop-in Bitcoin price must have has many liquidations on your platform as well. Can you share the amount of loans last month and the amount now?
 15:48 Talking about the Currency of Celcius Network $CEL, people can get better rates on the platform for holding it. Can you discuss more in the token utility and what plans to you have to make the utility more interesting? 
16:56 What can we expect from Celsius Network in the next 6 months? 
19:40 MAKER DAO provides decentralized loans on ethereum with smart contracts. What are your thoughts on the MakerDAO and $DAI ecosystem? 

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Anslem Christopher
02 Apr

I like where Alex said we need to do more. Introduce people to the crypto community, let them know that the central bank is a failing system and not a good option for world economy right now. Thanks to Sitoshi for the BTC currency. 

Nice Podcast from Alltcoin buzz. If you know you have not followed Altcoin buzz please do and click on the subscribe botton on your youtube screen.


Mike Etim
02 Apr

Yes, I strongly agree with you about this because by then, I hope this Corona stuff must have gone down and market starts moving higher.

But let's see as it goes


02 Apr

Hopefull it must be...however that may be dependent on the eradication of this pandemic diseases which has put the world at a standstill.


Mathew Jide
02 Apr

Really, we would like to see the sunshine after the rain. Honestly it seems dark at the moment but we know it will all come off good.


SöÑi Kuri
02 Apr

This is a big step and If this virus gone, then all the economy situations goes higher and then everything will be right back.


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