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We invite Kris Marszalek once again to discuss the current bitcoin and cryptocurrency market. How CDC has managed to get 2 million users on their platform in the bear market, fees structure, latest updates and possible time of mainnet release of chain with Layah Heilpern. We touch upon utility and need for the MCO Token and the CRO coin and why there is the need for two cryptocurrencies.

1:16  How has grown since the ICO in June 2017? 
2:00 What are your thoughts on bitcoin price movement? 
3:45 What inspired 
5:55 How is it possible to have such high-interest rates? What are the risks? 
8:46 What is your backup and insurance plan if there was a hack? 
11:28 Tone Vays has calls a scam and MCO and CRO not a legal security. What would you say about this? 
13:44 Why do you have two cryptos and how does it add value to the ecosystem? 
16:27 What are the fiat to crypto exchange fees and the crypto to crypto fees too? 
19:50 When can customers deposit and withdraw to a third party? 
22:02 When will UK customers be able to transfer to their local bank account? 
23:13 When is CDC going to Pakistan and Puerto Rico? And where else will CDC be expanding? 
24:31 Give us some details about the upcoming CRO mainnet? When can we expect it? 

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