Bitcoin 4hr analysis 11/27/2020

(The red and green arrows are the Aurox Indicator and they recommend a buy or a sell. Red indicates where you should sell and green indicates a buy zone. Pretty simple indicator but rather effective if I do say so myself.)

Good morning ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to my daily look into the world of Bitcoin. Today I have the 4hr time frame pulled up after a little tumble down to former support (16500 - 16600) Right now is a dangerous time to "buy the dip" as the market seems to be uncertain about the next move it wants to make. It is a long holiday weekend in the US and that could very well be effecting the charts as well.  Anyways lets take a look at the charts and see what we can see.

I see that we fell to the former resistance of 16500 - 16600. I had a feeling that as long as we kept above the 4hr 50 MA things would be okay. As soon as we lost it we dropped considerably. Now we must rely on former support to catch us at this level. The closest historic support just below this level seems to be 15800. So if we clearly lose 16500 we will likely bounce somewhere around this level.

Unfortunately fomo goes both ways. It is nice to see people fomo in on the way up but on the way down it causes knee jerk sells that can bring a market to its knees. Below us we also have the 4hr 200 MA right around 15740. I like to look for support below when the bears are out of their caves. Above us resistance is less clear. But you can still identify it thanks to previous price action. 17500 seems to be the first hurdle we must overcome on the way to a new ATH.

A retrace is to be expected. Will we drop to 4k in a few months? I doubt it. We still have the post halving pump that may or may not be finished. We are still above the 2.5 year resistance we broke earlier this year. If you ask me we still have a lot farther to fall before I declare a bear market. I do like the fact that the RSI was reset on most time frames. Its still a bit high on the weekly. All in all we are not in terrible shape. Just make sure that if you want to long this and catch a possible future pump avoid risk when and where you can. Set a stop loss. Make good choices folks!! WTFDIK???

TLDR: Bears are awake 

This is a link to the Aurox Telegram that I help moderate. If you want to learn more about TA or just want to learn more about Aurox itself stop on by. I try to participate as much as I can.

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Aakash Baloch
27 Nov

Very useful analysis by you dear. Mostly I read your analysis but I couldn't understand when to buy and when to sell. As for example if I have ltc and wanna buy eth then how I sell and purchase? 


Matthew Rosenquist
27 Nov

"FOMO goes both ways" so true!!  Havent seen swings like this for a while!  Back to the good-old-days of crypto!


Karishma Khan
28 Nov

We effective information sir. This will guide and lead well that are new on this platform just like me.







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