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About the project

It is this project that i might wish to ask you today, because its functional capabilities can qualitatively change the method of the many financial transactions in our everyday lives. The project itself is called Bintex Futures.

And as you'll have guessed, this project is in fact directly associated with blockchain technology and related cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency, an innovation that introduces a decentralized and anonymous ecosystem, based on Blockchain technology that is not centered on a Centralized Authority but a distributed ledger that makes it more transparent and anonymous. Exchange, As an important part of the Cryptocurrency Space, is a platform that acts as a bridge for people from all over the world to make transactions such as buying and selling. Bintex Futures may be a new innovation in Cryptocurrency Space which may be a new Cryptocurrency Exchange platform with many unique features and benefits.

What is Bintex Futures?

Bintex Futures is a revolutionary cryptocurrency exchange platform that offers its users a variety of attractive advantages, a system that allows real-time trading in combination with non-custodial assets. This Exchange Platform combines the speed and reliability of a centralized order matching engine with the security of decentralized assets.

The Bintex Futures Cryptocurrency Exchange platform allows its users to perform real-time futures trades with instant on-chain settlement which reduces the time required as well as lower fees. This Cryptocurrency exchange platform uses reliable algorithms designed for the best and faster Match Order processing and a framework designed to accommodate more transaction processing than other platforms.

The Bintex Futures platform is designed to ensure that all users can be a part of the development of this platform by giving an advantage over other market exchanges that are more integrated, productive and secure are going to be built to satisfy higher standards by browsing a rigorous audit process and undergoing and penetration testing. and other security related matters.

Behind the Bintex Futures Exchange Platform is a solid team, each of which has very useful experience in building financial systems to the most important security measuring tools and of course strives to ensure the security of the platform of this Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform. Their main goal is to ensure that the Bintex Futures Exchange Platform follows the best industry standards for infrastructure and data security including those from ISO / IEC and Cryptocurrency Security Standards.

What is the BintexPay Wallet?

The BintexPay wallet is a wallet storage feature designed to meet various daily needs that can use cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange. Each Exchange User will have a private wallet to access the assets they own, This Wallet will act like any other public Wallet except that they provide a blockchain address for each asset Each user on our exchange will be assigned an individual address for each asset type available on their platform. The benefits contained in this Wallet such as scanning QR codes, withdrawals, deposits facilitate various transaction processes that occur across the Bintex Futures Platform and will form an important basis for the system.


As an incentive for developing and maintaining the quality of all transactions in Bintex Futures, the founders intend to use their internal token, which was developed based on the Ethereum Protocol. Thus it supports the ERC-20 standard, which makes their internal tokens more flexible and reliable in all financial transactions.

This token is an important thing which is the main currency that will be used later, the Commission Program and participation from Nun Custodial Markets need this Token. BNTX can also be a means of payment for various services or traders in the Bintex Ecosystem.

BNTX holders certainly get more benefits such as discounted fees when transacting or when converting to fiat, cashback programs for holders who use BNTX and BNTX Spending at various Merchants who have collaborated before. As time goes by, BNTX will receive more requests so that it will provide more income for users who own BNTX.

●  Token Sale Start Time September 24th

●  Token Sale End Time When Hard Cap is reached

●  Hard Cap 3750 ETH

●  Total Token Supply 20,000,000 BNTX

●  Public Sale Token Price 1 ETH = 1547 BNTX

●  Launchpad Allocation 6,000,000 BNTX (30% of Total Token Supply)

●  Public Sale Vesting Period 4% Release every hour

Individual Cap 50 ETH

Individual Minimum Purchase Amount 0.01 ETH

Token Distribution 4% Release every hour



Summarizing all of the above, I would like to once again note the high level of training of the project team and their Bintex Futures platform. However, each of the founders has a lot of experience in these fields, which makes Bintex Futures not just another startup.

Therefore, to get acquainted with Bintex Futures more closely, I highly recommend you to turn to all the official sources of the project collected. After learning it, you will be able to more fully assess all the qualities inherent in Bintex Futures and the features of the platform.

And about this, I will probably finish the review. I hope that you will find this not only interesting, but also useful. So enter likes, write your comments and subscribe to my channel. After all, the only way you will find out all the most interesting projects.

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