Binance Trading !! A new Vision !!

Greetings trenndians!!

As you know that I have left the guardianship due to some reasons. Firstly I have to manage time for my real life and secondly I was focussing on trading on Binance Exchange.

Making money online always remain a dream for everyone including me. But we can't earn if we can't learn. So following this, I had learned first and now starting a new career in trading. And I am very thankful to the Uptrennd who gave me an opertunity to learn about crypto. I decided to share my knowledge with my beloved friends.

You know a man learns from the mother's lap to the grave, Alhamdolillah I have learned a lot about trading and still in the learning zone and decided to share my little experiences with you.

​So, in this regard I have made a telegram group in which I will share Binance Trading signals on daily basis and provide you an opertunity to earn quick profits of atleast 5% to 30% almost. I hope it would be more helpful for those who don't know even ABC of trading.

So, come join me on my telegram group and earn a handsome profit daily.

Group Link:

The main purposes of this group is to provide trading signals (not financial advises) and any type of useful informations about trading and other online projects.

So, Join the useful group and keep remember me in your prayers.

Best of luck 👍



preview not available Saqib Ajmal
02 Mar

I also want to learn trading and I have worked hard for it and I have been very successful in this endeavor.But someone gave me futures trading signals but I suffered a lot when I followed these signals,And I lost a lot of my balance,Ok i join your group i hope it will be useful for me.

Thank you so much ❤️❤️


M.A Khan
02 Mar

Yes everyone wants to earn online. Thanks for creating this group where we can get knowledge about crypto world. Best wishes to you and to all. 


Amjad Ali Waince
02 Mar

It is a good initiative from your side . Lot of us are looking to learn the Crypto trade online  to earn some profit. I am going to join you there. Hope to get some thing better.

Thanks for sharing.


Bad Shah
02 Mar

Thank you ))) 

No doubt Uptrennd is best platform to learn about crypto 

I joined channel hope that group cause to learn more 


Ifiok Eso
02 Mar

Wow, this is great and welcome development, I will be willinga and happy to learn from you. I have joined the group.


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