Bill Board Design for Uptrennd City

Uptrennd City had been a wonderful game in which we earned a big amount of 1ups and BCH. Along with earning we learned to use several apps and solved puzzles. Along with it, we had a lot of fun. 

The first season is over. The next is about to begin. Many people didn't participate in the first season because they didn't know about the game. This time we have decided to let everyone know. For this purpose we are called to design bill boards for the game. Here is my design.

I tried to inculcate every aspect of the game in it to let everyone know what it is about.

First, I used the picture of Uptrennd City in the background 

preview not available

Then I added the name "Uptrennd City- The Game"

Then I told What we do here. It is "Fun, Earn & Learn"

Then I added images related to these activities.

Then I applied the animation.

Here is the final design 👇






preview not available

After designing, I uploaded it at different places across the city

On the street side

At airport

Amidst the road

Image is taken from the contest post and edited by me on canva



Ishmael Kelechi
09 Apr

Great job you have done here by quote tweet on Twitter.  Drop you URL here. Deadline is today.


Amber Kashif
10 Apr

Thanks for bringing me the link here


Suny Ag
09 Apr

Great job, as usual, you have covered pretty much every point that Uptrennd City covers!


Amber Kashif
10 Apr

I have tried my best to cover all the aspects. Let see what the results tell


Dr.Jenny .
09 Apr

wow lovely I just liked it is just superb

i think you will win and just remeber me i prayed for you so i am 50% partner


Amber Kashif
10 Apr

Lol. Hehe. And what if i don't win?


Amjad Ali Waince
09 Apr

A lovely billboard with realistic slogan fun , learn and earn. Great creativity done by you. Best wishes for the contest.


Amber Kashif
10 Apr

Thanks amjad bro. Best wishes to you too


Tiger Lily
10 Apr

hehehe you got it in on time and you plastered the whole city with FUNNNNNNN!  :)

That's the way to go !!! hehehehe

thank you for entering Amber :)winner will be announced later today heheheh







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