Bilal and his bike

Adnam is telling his sister,  Aleena about a boy in his class.

'Bilal is a small boy with black hair, a fair complexion, and blue eyes. He is always friendly and cheerful, comes first in class, and is excellent in sports.

He takes part in debates and dramas. He has only one fault. He always want to show off.

'How does he show off?' asked Aleena.

'He boasts about the things he can do. He always talks about his rish uncle in Dubai who sends him expensive presents. He does not think about thoes friends who do not have things like his new watch and laptop. His mother warns him not to show off and hurt the feelings of others but Bilal never pays any attention.'

Aleena asked, 'Why do you still like him?'

'Let me tell you what happened. One day bilal's father bought him a beautiful red bike for his birthday. As usual, Bilal started to show off. He began to ride his bike on the street without holding the handle bars. He looked up to see a plane taking off and did not see a car parked under a tree. He rode his bike straight into the car. There was a terrible crash! He fell down on the road and the wheels of his bicyle  came off. People from nearby houses rushed to help. Bilal could not move his arm. An ambulance took him to the hospital where his arm was operated. He had to stay in bed for one month and missed the sports Day.

'How is he now?' asked Aleena.

'Bilal has learned a lesson. He promised that he would never, ever show off again! He is a much better friend to have now.'



Syed Inayat shah
16 Feb

Very nice story you posted. It means we never show off and never hurt others. We are equal although some are rich and some are poor but we still human and we should show humanity to world by making other happy and try best for others


preview not available Busola Monsucre
16 Feb

Bilal learnt his lesson the hard way, be could have been more sensitive and not rub his wealth on other people's faces, pride goes before a fall they say.


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