Hi lovely trenndians, hope you are all doing great stuff in your various places of abode. 

I want to use this medium to advice, inform and warn all Uptrennd Users, especially those on our Telegram Channels that Scammers are on the prowl and ready to scam you of your hard earned 1up tokens or other assets you might have. 

For a while, an unfortunate, idiotic and crazy nonentity has been contacting unsuspecting and naive users just to scam them. This person has a usual scam name(Official Moderator⚠️☢️) and he has used this username to impersonate the Uptrennd Team. 

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This is warning to everyone, Uptrennd Admins/Moderators or the Uptrennd Team will NEVER DM YOU FIRST. Also, NEVER EVER give, reveal or fill any form that requests  your Wallet Phrases/Keywords. 

These Keywords are the access to your wallet and it's the only way you can recover your account incase you lose your phone etc. Think of them as passwords or pin numbers, the same way you are protective of those, be 1millon times protective of your wallet phrases. 

Incase you are suspicious of any activity, ask questions on our Official Telegram Channels or DM any Guardian on the Uptrennd platform to report. How do you know them? Guardians have a badge beside their name. 

The best way to be free from scam is through knowledge, not being greedy and always being suspicious of offers that seem to good to be true. 

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Uptrennd to the Moon and back then straight to Nigeria.



Essa sherazi
21 Jan

Of course, we should all be wary of such people. There are deceivers today who deal with people

And they eat people's hard-earned tokens and thank you for giving us this information.


Muhammad Musa Sherazi
21 Jan

Thanks for waking us up. We should all be wary of such people. There are deceivers today who deal with simple people like us


Atanda Davido
21 Jan

Thanks for this timely information, please don't lose your hard earned tokens to those lazy people that cannot work hard but rather steal from people, please let be vigilant


Adams Toskid
21 Jan

Yea...  You are right sir!  Some days ago it happened to a friend of mine which his token was taken away from him by the scammers,  they ask to buy for the tokens,  we delivered but they didn't give us money....  Thanks for this informative experience sir. 


Kinza Hasmhi
21 Jan

Spammer found every where and spammer spamming Every plateform

but always beaware from these spammer

if you see any spammer saw in this platefrom report to the guardian

Always beaware and protect this platform because this platefrom is our platefrom


preview not available Adelan o
21 Jan

I was actually talking about scammers, but since spammers are close relatives of scammers, you are allowed🤣. Yes make sure you report, and block them on Telegram too.


Kinza Hasmhi
21 Jan

In my view the people who are close to guardian do spamming







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