Between The Scars And The Loss We Are Standing


Scars are the yarn to your rovings and not for a moment  these recapitulate the reach of endeavours you had to execute. It becomes hefty to be buoyant and joyous at times, to keep going by enshrouding how you reckon on the inside. Vanquished self kept hidden and the wounds everlasting.
Scars prevail because they are the truth, you reflect upon why you are shattered and standing there in the dark isolation making you feel intensively how heedless is this world. You know but you still are insubstantial inside and trying to assume that you are all ok.

You are stucked in between what you had thought and whats going on with you. You sit and taste all of the bitterness alone. You see your open wounds bleeding and still you are not dead with the dread. You plucked a rose that had pricked your hand and you stood there watching how much could your hand bleed.
You felt the bursting aches of the slingstones shot at you that stabbed you badly but you still loved the pain of your bruised skin. You char your soul and then you want to keep it alive just like that.

 We all are somehow stand in between this!



Amah Samuel
07 Mar

the life of every human is filled with sorrows all the time and it's a true reflection of what these scars we live with on the inside with its most dangerous incursion of causing pains while we live with it,think of it everyday as we are most of the time, left very very shattered, dejected and ramsackled that even our ownsrlves may yet seem like a tormenting enclosure for us.

I pray we all find the courage to overcome it some day


Idoko Joseph Adoyi
07 Mar

every successful man has scars it does remind us at time not to neglect our fellow men who may not look ok like us ,when we remember how we started we are compare to show compassion to people


Starlight Impact
07 Mar

We face some scars while trying to reach out to what is worth a while. Happiness always has a cost, forget the cost and enjoy the happiness it brought. 

This is a really touching piece 


Egwu Doris .
07 Mar

Scars are signs that we have been through a lot here in this world. Many of these scars stands as reminder of the situations we have been through. Some as a lesson we need to note. 

Although some came with pain.


Anthony Eri
07 Mar

We all have scars in our life! It might be a physical scar, emotional scar, financial scar, etc. But scars makes us stars! Yes! Scars makes us to be wiser persons! Scars makes us to avoid the situations that made us have that scar in the first place!!! Scars reminds us of our bitter experiences..... Wisdom is priceless but you need some scar to get wisdom!!!


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