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26 Mar
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Better Think Twice About the Quality of your Comments!

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Marianne West 2 months ago

Oaky. I have never downvoted a comment or post up to this point (not on other platforms either). But I have seen platforms disappear because spammers took over. 

I will change my upvoting ways and sprinkle in a downvote where deserved. I still think I will first leave a warning comment with a suggestion to do better.

Ar you okay with linking this post in a comment to a spammer?

Elena Demou 2 months ago

Yeah go for it! Glad to have your help!

aloha dreamer 2 months ago

Great idea, Marianne!

Marianne West 2 months ago

Thank you Salena - and out of votes - our never-ending story lol

Zoltan Krasznecz 2 months ago

Hopefully they (the spammers) will not ruin Uptrennd. Nowadays I see more and more people spamming.
I downvote spam comments, and I would like to encourage everyone else to do the same. I think that the spammers, who continue spamming after the warning should be banned from Uptrennd. Maybe the Guardians will do something about the situation.

Marianne West 2 months ago

I am glad that you are doing that and I will too. They can really ruin a platform - and lower the value of Up as well...

Elizabeth V 1 month ago

Same here. From now on, I will also change my "upvoting ways". I initially thought that by upvoting people's comments on my posts, regardless if they actually read them or not by the looks of it, I am helping them in some ways. I really don't like to downvote anyone's comment (or posts if it's obvious they are plagiarised). It makes me feel bad to downvote anyone. I did downvote a user's comment though because he copied and pasted my exact comment on @Tiger Lily's post. 

So what I'll do, if that helps this platform, I will just ignore their comments or if I do reply to their comments, I will not even upvote their comments anymore. 

Or should I really downvote them? Hahaha!!!! I'm conflicted.

Adebanji Adedolapo 2 months ago

Well i support this motion cause i could remember when i join UPTRENND i was devoted once base on my post and ever since then i take my time to post something reasonable and go through any post to know what to comment on it not just saying words to gain upvote! 

Elena Demou 2 months ago

See this! If losing only one point gets someone to take a moment and start writing some quality content then in my eyes that is worth it. Thanks for letting us know!

Basuuta Marianne 2 months ago

We must put this into action, i know we are promoting our we must keep it, lets stop all those fishing for upvotes, those who give irrelevant comments with out even understanding a post...

Together we can get rid of such comments.lets join our hands.

Taking uptrennd to the nation

Elena Demou 2 months ago

Yes, this exactly. Our reputation is everything!

aloha dreamer 2 months ago

Thanks for the reminder, Elena!  We all need to do our part to keep up the quality of our amazing Uptrennd platform!  TBH, I haven't upvoted those comments, nor have I downvoted the ones that I thought were from newbies.

But now I feel that I've been given authority!  Watch out upvote farmers!

Elena Demou 2 months ago

Hahaha permission granted!!!

Alyara Riadi 2 months ago

Finally, it is run. Hopefully it will be clear and good going forward.







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