Better less than Trash Stuff!

Choices and priorities matter and every person is open to think and implement whatever they want to. I'll share my experience what I've concluded while surfing on any platform. 


Uptrennd is the only platform I see who encourages quality stuff consistently and for the long term, you'll have better benefits here. If you're here to be rich in few months and sell off when you get some income then sorry Uptrennd is not for you. Majority of content creators are here because they don't wanna waste their time on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and other social media platforms where their data is being thief and sold to many companies around you. Haven't you seen ads coming on your phone while surfing? Are they identical to your interests? How do they know? I may be wrong but that's how these social media platforms work they aren't free. If someone says you Surfing on these social media is free then he doesn't even know how it works. They sell your data while you're enjoying surfing so they are earning from you by paying you nothing. That's why the majority of content creators here who are constantly posting Quality stuff are enjoying engagements, participating contest improving their skills and getting an appreciation on the form of 1UP tokens which isn't bad at all. Hold tight and thank me later I believe in this platform more than you guys. Let the app comes in maybe in the first quarter of this year and we will have high traffic again but I don't like is that we will have high spammers too we are here with your help to guard our platform. 

Other alike Social Media Platforms Like,, Swirge, Tipestry, Hive, Torum, Publish0x, Medium, Uhive, LBRY, steemit and the list is vast we have so many platforms now that pays you a little to engage but the main difference I see is whether they have no engagement or if they have high engagements then they are all spammers working that will destroy them. I've seen On Swirge, it happens on Swirge they rewarded then everyone spammed it and they block that rewarding system. 


It's pretty easy to understand if you think fewer people are posting then you must think the positive side as well that you have a better chance to prove yourself as your content visibility will be increased too. We have a strong future and we will cope every hurdle comes in our path. Together we can 💪 

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^ N A V I ~

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SaRa AbBaSi

Yeah i agree with that...We see less content here but the quality one...I see the paltform has now less spammers and thats only because of the countless efforts of the admins and sincere users...

I believe that even if we create less content but that must be the quality one...

What if you are creating 3 posts daily but not getting the engagement only because the post isnt aulity enough?

So better come up with less but the best..🌸 


Marva Noureen

I Has never seen a platform like this. When we work hard on this platform and do a good job, our work is appreciated.Hard work pays off on this platform, we just need to work hard ... and we really shouldn't waste our time

You are right sir, we have to work hard on this platform, if we work hard and honestly, we will be rewarded for our hard work. People who do not post include the will of those people.


Sana ullah khan

Yes, absolutely thats why I am very proud of this platform 


Marva Noureen

I am also very proud of this platform. I am happy to be a part of this platform.


Minha Khan

Yeah you are right @Navi sir

Uptrend is the best platform where we earn as well as learn about many things.before joining uptrend i just waste my time in watching Tv shows,playing mobile games and on differents fake sites.but now Alhumdulillah when ever i am free i just convert my thoughts in to an story or upload this way i engage to differet peoples of different nations.If i work hard here with honestly InshAllah i will get my reward.

I believe in uptrend✨.

#Uptrend to the Moon InshAllah.


Fidel Mboro

Hold tight and thank me later 

That point is more striking 

I agree in totality uptrennnd uphold quality every now and then 

The future is bright for uptrennnd 

Nice post buddy 


Merit Ahama

Wow you just spoke my mind when you said you believe in uptrennd more than us, or maybe I believe in uptrennd even more than you😂 Yeah, I am here for uptrennd just as it has been here for me when I needed to grow. 

I really can't wait for us to have an app and get more newbies to guide and make our 1up token even more valuable. 

I believe spamming will stop or become less even when we have the app because I want to be sure that the app will have easier ways to figure them out. 

Thanks @navi for this, I was so happy and motivated to read this. 







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