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Best Way To Promote Uptrennd Referral Link On Other Social Media

Best Way To Promote Uptrennd Referral Link On Other Social Media

If you are on level 5 and have completed 2 weeks on Uptrennd then you can get your referral link on Uptrennd and can invite your friends and family members. You can get your referral link by click on “Earn Points” and then click on “Invite A Friend”. You will get 100 1UP when your friend will join from your referral link. These pieces of information are for new users.

If you want to know what is the best and more productive way to invite people on other social then stay with me. I have seen a lot of people on other social media like Facebook, Whatsapp Group, Twitter, etc. are sharing their referral link directly which is not the correct way to invite people on Uptrennd. 

This can have two disadvantages.

  • Firstly, Social media where you are sharing links directly can recognize you as a scammer and ban or mute you. At the start of my journey in the crypto field, I had been blocked on many social media due to this reason.

  • Secondly, Social media where you are sharing direct links can put the uptrennd link into spam and in the future, they will prohibit sharing of uptrennd link.

Note: These both disadvantages appear when someone shares links enormously so please take care.

What Is The Best Method?

The best method to share Uptrennd referral link on other social media is that write a best statement or paragraph about Uptrennd and then share it in a Facebook group, Whatsapp group or wherever you want to share. It will be more best If you attach a visual image or video with this statement and this will have a great impact.

Here are some examples of the statement.

Statement 1.

“ I have found a crypto social media where you carn money for blogging then contact me in inbox”

Statement 2.

“If you are a blogger, YouTuber or Graphic designer( meme or logo creator) then you can earn writing about your interest. If you interested then ask me in inbox”

Statement 3.

“If you are interested in online earning then contact me in inbox”

These are just examples of the statement you can write anything according to your wish and thinking about what we will be attractive.

Here are some examples of images that you can attach to attract more people or attach yours withdraw proof. You can also search for a video on youtube and attach it with your post to attract people. Remember people are very busy so a short video will have a great impact. Here is a great official video of uptrennd that explains uptrennd very well shortly.

What Next?

When you ask people like this then only interested people will reach your inbox and then send them your Uptrennd referral link. And also give the Upturned telegram group links and the link which explains “how Uptrennd works”. And the answer to the question of your invitee about uptrennd.

Benefits Of This Method

  • You will never be blocked on other social media and you will get referrals as well.

  • Other social will not put Uptrennd link into spam.

  • Most important Uptrennd will get targeted and interested people about cryptocurrency and blockchain.

  • You will have to do a little work to teach these people.

I have made 152 referrals using this method and this has proved great for me. I have tried to explain the whole method in a simple way but if you have any questions about this method then ask me in the comment section.

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Mohammad Wasi
15 Nov

Yes this is a right way to promote referral link ,this way that a referral well educated before jion uptrennd & not create a problem fellow uptrendian & uptrennd platform.....!


preview not available Victoria Haruna
15 Nov

Your skills are worth learning.

I am also not a fan of just dropping referral links anyhow.


Shadda 🇵🇰
15 Nov

Thanks for motivating remarks. these words do work like petrol for me.


Becky Ruvare
15 Nov

Oh yeah,these are great methods of getting people use your referral link,thanks for sharing your skills 


Donkyzhang Nobert
15 Nov

You have broken down "Referrals" to the dot. It is easy to learn how to optimise your referrals best from this. Thanks a lot.


Mohammad Abdullah
16 Nov

It's a good lesson to get involved people on uptrennd with your referral link.

very helpful post. 


Shadda 🇵🇰
16 Nov

I am glad to hear that ypu found this post helpful







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