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Best Input - #Uptrenndflyer

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Acheampong Emmanuel 2 months ago

To me your uptrenndflyer is OK with me. Anyway what app do you use in making such flyer? I would like to create one myself.

Victoria Haruna 2 months ago

Just OK? 

Was thinking amazing, superb,  beautiful. 

I used Coreldraw.

Acheampong Emmanuel 2 months ago

Awesome. You are very good with coreldraw usage.

St3v3 T88888 2 months ago

Would be good to see your entry you still have time you can also use canva.com or befunky.com to maye these flyers 

Acheampong Emmanuel 2 months ago

I guess the time for final submission of the flyers is almost due. Thanks for link too. 

St3v3 T88888  2 months ago

I will extend the time for you to enter as im not putting vote post up for another few hours so you have plenty time for a late entry

Salena Billings 2 months ago

Victoria, I think your submission is beautiful, informative, colorful and it's also great that you included the links!  I'm not able to say whether or not it's the best because I haven't seen them all, but I definitley prefer it over my submission and I must say that your self love is awesome!

Victoria Haruna 2 months ago

This is a true confession. Lol.

Thanks boo

Idea Clipper 2 months ago

Perfect Entry in Flyer Contest.... informative and well designed...

& perfect Self-praise in description

Victoria Haruna 2 months ago

If I don't take care if my self, who will?

Idea Clipper 2 months ago

yes off-course you should..

Osato Jegede 2 months ago

Oh nice, good to see your creative ability at work. Keep it up and continue to flame the 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 

Victoria Haruna 2 months ago

Thanks so much. I loved your input too

Doris Uzoma 2 months ago

Oh it's awsome, well-done .







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