Benefits of seasonal fruit Orange


Hope you guys are fine and enjoying this winter season ❤

Health should be our 1st priority so take seasonal fruits on daily basis to keep you fit and healthy. 

As its winter season so I'll tell you the benefits of winter season fruit Oranges.


  • Oranges are rich in vitamin C Vitamin A and potassium which helps in our vision power and improve  eye sight.

  • We can even look clearly in low light as well. 

  • Give shine to our skin. It increases the chances of healthy skin. 

  • It keeps the cancer away.

  • It boost our immune system as well. It makes our body strong to fight against microorganisms. 

  • Oranges are rich in antioxidants which ultimately slows down the movement of free radicals in our body .

  • It prevents us from different heart diseases as well.

  • It help to live longer , who don't wanna live longer🙄😂 so take more oranges 😂

  • Increases the production of Red blood cells in our body

  • Helps in the development of brain. As many of you know that after the age of 26, we begin losing alot of brain cells. As organes contains folic acid so it help to grow the brain cells.

  • Helps in digestion process as well. So we can protect us from constipation and ulcer by consuming oranges as it is rich in fibers. It reduces the weight as well

  • Help in the detoxification of unwanted materials present in our body.

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Chidiebere Nze
04 Dec

FOR BREAST CANCER: Some studies show how the consumption of a good amount of organic oranges can reduce the risk of suffering from this type of cancer, as well as improve the condition of those who suffer it.


shoaib khan
04 Dec

yes buddy  now a day's  the session  of An Oranges  fruit   I like very much  this is also very good  for  health as well we should  need to eat very much. 


Maha 🇵🇰
04 Dec

It's good to know more about seasonal fruits specially orange. I just love to have orange but thanku for telling its so many benefits.


Affan Mughal
04 Dec

💜The winter season is coming, people sit in the roof of their house and eat this Le Mati inside the sink and drink their juice, it is a wonderful color. 💜


Mirab Fatima
04 Dec

No doubt dear oranges are very beneficial for our health and also best for our skin glowing.. And very best for weight loss 


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