Benefits of physical exercise

Last week I resumed my exercise routine. I felt that I needed it, but above all it is important not to neglect the physical dimension of our life, which is healthy for our whole body and our being in general.

That's right, when I exercise I think about the great benefits this has for me day by day. In a special way, now that I have taken it up again, I had the following thoughts.

First, the relationship between exercise and being proactive, because it turns out that I had stopped exercising for climatic reasons; yes, it might seem a bit banal, but it was. Now it's the rainy season in my city and almost every day the weather has been according to the season. 

But I said to myself: "Neither the weather nor time will stop me, I have made a decision, it's now or never". That's life, if we want to make significant progress in it, we have to be people with focus and who take the initiative to do things.

Secondly, I also reflected on the importance of having routines in our lives, not in the sense that we become robots or paranoid people, but that we acquire certain habits that make it easier for us to do certain things.

Sometimes, in fact, we are surprised by the agility with which some people do a certain activity, and we don't realize that they didn't acquire this ability overnight, but rather that they created this capacity in themselves, because, as innate as we may have certain qualities if they are not put into practice, we run the risk of losing them.



Merit Ahama
24 Nov

The benefits you gave are very unique ones, I have never thought of them.

I feel your zeal to what to do something very important in your life and I envy that.

I normally don't do exercises but from your post, I will start engaging in exercises to be proactive and have a steady routine.

Thanks for sharing these benefits, I learnt a lot.


preview not available Jesús Alejos
25 Nov

I'm glad this post has motivated you to make this decision. One of the best in life, I assure you.


El Salvadore
24 Nov

.like the saying goes, practise makes makes perfect. When we see some people taking see giant strides or showing of a skill that is easy above is we don't have to surprise Because it's something that have been acquired over a long time.

Routines also helps us alot to have a well made up mind and be well planned not to become weird like programmed robot lol, but to be disciplined and know that their is time for everything!

I like the decision you have made so far, hehe keep it up and you aim for exercise won't be futile


ifeoma enudu
24 Nov

We should not let certain reasons deter us from making decisions that will help us in life. We must stay focus and take the initiatives at the right time. 

Is okay to have habits that will make things easier for us in life. Like exercising for instance, the skills comes by the day, is never acquired in one day.

Going back to exercising is a good decision to make, Sir.


Captain Philips
24 Nov

Funny I just made an article I have worked on for hours on exercise and pain threshold, there are routines that our lives depends on like several physical exercises which our body and mental health needs.


Uwem Ekanem
24 Nov

Exercise is very important and its help to maintain and build our body structure and make us to be fits. It's really help in health routine in fighting against diseases in the body







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