Bella Ciao Duet | Yennefer_V & dexpartacus

Hello Buddies!

Have you ever heard of the app called "Smule"? I absolutely haven't until a few days ago.

Lately a friend involved me in a pretty extreme music project, a metal ones, he does practically everything on an instrumental level, he sends me the tracks and I scream on it from my home, brilliant and functional!

I don't know if you've heard my cover of popular song "Bella Ciao" that I published a few days ago, but I have to admit I'm pretty rusty, I haven't sing for a while.

I've been singing/screaming for many years and so my passion is always alive, but also for something lighter genre, things that I've never really dedicated myself to.

Punk and Metal have always been the ones I've been practicing, but it's time to grow up and try something new, and here I am doing a duet with a French girl thanks to the application I was talking about before, again with the popular song "bella ciao".

The voice of my partner for this performance, Yennefer_V, is not bad at all, she seems to be quite professional, at least from what I can guess from the posture she adopts during recordings.

With this app you can only duet with someone Karaoke style. However, if you activate the "VIP" account, you can upload songs, lyrics and other features. It's nice and you can have a lot of fun!

While you are singing you have the lyrics in front of you scrolling on the screen and see your partner, you can try out your performances over and over again, once you have finished the final recording you can use effects for recording and video.

I hope you enjoy watching and let me know what you think about our performance in the comments!

Thanks for watching an reading, a big hug and see you soon!



Mehwish Khan
20 May

She singing well 

But sorry to say that I cannot understand her 



Dex partacus
20 May

She's good! I know...Italian song....🤣


Herbaycity Herbaycity
21 May

Your performance is great DeX and also Yennefer I must commend you, you are a good singer. If may ask have you had any song of hour own?







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