What's that thing they say about that dude who works his socks off and doesn't make an attempt to play??? 

Hey, Jack... Do you aspire to keep being a dull boy???? Or do you intend to have some fun as you progress through life??? 

Perhaps Jack doesn't even know how to have fun or even has the slightest idea what fun is??? Has anyone even bothered to ask him??

Maybe they have or Maybe Not... Hmmm... Who knows???

But really, what is life without fun and entertainment, who doesn't love to be entertained??? You know, as water is critical to the body, so is fun essential to life... A life with NO fun means a life that is barely existing, a life that we could, in the end, say has NO meaning...

Here at Uptrennd city, Fun and Entertainment is critical to the lives we live, the relationships we build and the bonds we share as families and as friends and this is why I present to you... Wait for it!

preview not available

We've waited, We have eagerly anticipated, We have tarried and now it is finally here

The most anticipated GRAND OPENING of the biggest, most magnificent and state of the art BEARDYWOOD ARENA!

Check Fliers below;

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The Arena has been built to taste with exceptional facilities, ones you can't find any other place in the world, it is established to provide you with the best fun and give you the desired ultimate entertainment.

All facilities in the arena are opened 24/7 of course but each day of the week is marked with special events as seen in the poster

From the latest blockbuster movies to be screened every Monday in the 7D IMAX cinema, to the Karaoke Fun night on Tuesdays, you get to advertise your voice to everyone in moments of eternal fun and laughter and guess what, there are prizes to be won...

Wednesday affords us, games and casinos and more games... The games here are for all and sundry... young and old because there's the specially built Kiddies sub-section... How about you a hilarious comedy night on Thursday with the best and seasoned stand up comedians you can ever find around?? You sure don't wanna miss this...

Name your favourite Music and Dance Artistes and you can count on us to bring them on Fridays for the concerts in the grand theatre... How about that?? You get to watch your favourite artistes from around the world live in concert??? Oh c'mon!!!!! Beardlock studios are the real deal!

Weekends are not left out either! If you've got that extra time and extra vibe for some parties and clubbing... Then you can walk in on Saturdays and join in on the fun! Finally, My wife, Jane has to take over sundays by treating everyone to her delightful delicacies in her SUNDAY SPECIAL BUFFET... You sure don't want to miss this heaven.

Woooootsssssss.... Did I just hear some excited whispers??? Do you have happy questions??? I have just the right answers for you... Here is my business card

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preview not available

You can contact us either through mails or phone calls using the information provided in the card above...

Remember, Beardlock studios are here to cater to your entertainment needs... Uptrennd city without fun and entertainment is nothing but a dull city.

Commit to Beardlock studios and experience the greatest fun. We're entertainment Personified

[email protected]_Jay~

All Image designed by me using canva



preview not available Adelan o
16 Feb

This is fun reloaded and fully pumped up, seems you have entertainment covered, it bout to get down😁🥳


Fola_Jay Ayo-Folorunso
19 Feb

Hehehehehe.... I surely do! And yes... Its about to really get down! LOLOLOLOLOL

Its good to have you here







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