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I hope you are all good and safe in your homes using uptrennd. 

Life is too unpredictable. No one can guess either we will be having the next breath or not. It's short yet it doesn't mean leave it alone and without sensing the actual meaning of our existence.

We are created for ourselves. But unfortunately, we spend all the time on others. Nothing for OURSELVES. When we are dead, people will cry for one day, family for some years, and then everything turns to normal. 

Is this what we were struggling for? 

Dead and dusted?

You are the owner of your life try to spend it in your way. Stay with yourselves, in loneliness, and the crowd.Own yourself. If you won't be able to accept your existence how would you expect society or people to be with you? 

Now it comes to how to spend time with yourself? 

  • Go for shopping. 

  • Spend your earned money on you. 

  • Spend time with yourself. 

  • Deal yourself with love. 

  • Stand in front of the mirror and praise yourself.

  • Appreciate your efforts and wins. 

  • Care for your egos and self respect. 

  • Don't lurk after worldly pursuits. 

  • Be you. 

  • Defend yourself in front of others. 

  • Let people recognize the original you. 

  • Don't underestimate your individuality. 

  • Construct yourself the way you want. Don't bother surroundings and public.

  • Think positively.

  • Bring positivity.

  • Spread positivity.

Thank you and love you all 💞💞

Regards : Kamran akbar




Laiba Badozai
27 Oct

There is no doubt that life is not going to last forever, so we never know a moment of ours whether tomorrow we are alive or not, so we can live this moment to the great fill .

Enjoy life as much as you can, never make yourself feel inferior.

Try to make every moment of life beautiful ۔

Never feel depressed  by looking at someone .


George Dee
27 Oct

You are right dear, this place is not a permanent home for us. 

As we came, so we shall live someday. When? 

We don't know, tgat is why it is important to enjoy life the best way you can when alive. 


Angela Eramah
27 Oct

Exactly... You are the boss, the best vibe you can ever get should be yours, believe in yourself and put your happiness first


Adegbe Gift
27 Oct

You're right, life is short, and we do not know when we will depart from the planet, but when we still have breath in us we should make good use of the time, take care of ourselves, enjoy your life, but remember to do what is just


Scholastica Kosy
27 Oct

Wow.. this is really motivational. I love this article.

Life has got alot of packages, and life is too short to spend in sadness so try and enjoy it while it last.

Be happy, treat yourself to nice meals😊, do what ever that pleases you as far as it's the right thing.

Never displease yourself to please people, try and be happy and ensure the people around you are happy as well. 


Monjan .
27 Oct

I believe in this life  the best thing one can do is to leave a legacy , something you could be remembered for something you gave for others that is the bestway to live otherwise you will be forgoten since life is very short.


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