Be stubborn to achieve your goal

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Assalam O Alaikum


When a person become  stubborn to get something, he gets it because a stubborn  is eager for a person to get anything.We know that man either works hard or uses his abilities in the right way to do any work.Then he succeeds.

When a person becomes stubborn,

like a small child to achieve any goal, I can say with certainty that his stubbornness will lead him to success.And remember to be stubborn, but to be a successful person or to go for good, always stay away from evil and also from bad deeds.

I want to tell you a story 

A man used to sell papads and he had set some rules in his life and he always stuck to his rules He used to say to himself every day that today I have to go home after earning so much money, if I could not earn so much money then I will not eat dinner.

Similarly, if he could not meet his daily target, 

he would not eat dinner.Similarly, he did not return home until he had fulfilled his stubbornness.And he took the path of success by resorting to stubbornness.And in the same way, he succeeded in his goal only through stubbornness and he became a successful man.

In the same way we must find a purpose in life and always stick to that purpose Because when a person is stubborn to achieve a goal, he will definitely achieve it.

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Naeem Ali
20 Oct

Thats a high-quality story! We need to gain our dreams and never give up. If  we already begin some thing we need to finish ir to prevail, if no longer we can regret it...


Ralph L
19 Oct

What ever the objective or goals is we shouldn't give up at a no matter the obstacles on our way ...we must continue to strive hard !


Muhammad Akif
19 Oct

A life without purpose or direction isn’t much of a life at all. The only thing in this world that’s more important than having goals is finding the courage and determination to pursue them.

People will try to change your mind. If you dream big enough. 

But you need to remain stubborn. And, weirdly, the most important part of standing your ground is this: You need to be flexible about how you'll go about achieving your goals.


Favour Dyke
20 Oct

When one becomes stubborn about achieving something, it will create a driven force that will make that purpose quite achievable


Ethics Isaiah
20 Oct

Thanks for the inspiration you shared @Saqib. 

We must always dare ourselves in order to achieve big things, become great and successful at same time.

We should go that extra mile by putting more efforts in order to succeed.


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