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Be Hopeful.

The Height of rage and bitterness that human beings exhibit during this covid-19 pandemic period can't be explained, the country is in great turmoil no one can predict what could happen in few years.

     Everyone is living his/her life the way he or she pleases, many people have turned into sadists deriving pleasure in causing pain to people.

Some blame it on the country, some on the problems befalling the country, some blame on the bad government, some blame on the bad choice they made.


But the fact remains that it has already happened, you find yourself in that situation already, what's your plan on sorting it out or would you rather start blaming things? 

Do you know that in this season of the pandemic that it's some people's season of enjoyment and fun, it's their time to make money?

Some people live ONLY in the present times, others in the past, while others live in the present and future times.

That's why you see the rich still become richer every day because their investment is consistent and reliable.

The Hardship in the country has turned people into different beings some are clueless, some are confident, some are just confused.

Most people dive into the ocean of thoughts and see themselves thinking of committing suicide, I ran into some bunch of friends and everyone is pouring out their own bitter stories, people are currently giving up, some are struggling to stay still, few can't control their emotions.

The frustration is much and that should give you and me more reason to be nice when communicating with people, you might not know who your conversation helps or kills within.

 Some humans keep things to themselves and rather die with them. 

Be someone's happiness, someone's courage, someone's hope, and light because you might save a soul from drowning in depths of thought which could lead to suicide.

    Remember try to be nice to people and make one smile because a smile can make a dark day bright.

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Otuya Nancy
19 Apr

The covid-19 has really brought in confusion in the country, many now derive pleasure in cheating others

The only way we can overcome this is to help others and also encourage those that have given up that there's still hope.


Cesca Jove
19 Apr

It's true, the way we could overcome this is to be nice and easy going will people, no one knows what the other is passing through .


preview not available javier arturo pulido andueza
19 Apr

Although things sometimes get difficult, people should be nice to other people, we do not know who is frustrated or depressed and perhaps with our attitude we can give some hope to another person.


Cesca Jove
19 Apr

Exactly, amidst this crisis we find ourselves in , people should learn to be of hope and happiness to people who feel life can be depressing.

Our attitude and smiles can make them feel loved 


Atanda Davido
19 Apr

In a time as this we all need help, instead of hoping on someone to make you happy just create one for yourself and hope on God


Cesca Jove
19 Apr

A company of your friends can make you feel better and great.....those discussion and arguments can take one's mind away from things....


Egwu Doris .
19 Apr

Hummm true.

Our story can give hope to others when shared.

Just our smile is what some people needs to stay alive while others needs little helping hand.

Let's endeavor to be that light that people around us needs to stay each day alive.

Thanks for the motivation sweet senior


Syed Faizan
19 Apr

A good person is that who becomes someone's happiness and reason of the smile of someone. 

We should never lose hope and also we have to encourage others


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