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Be happy always ❣️

Happiness is like a pill an ill person takes to make them feel better, happiness can not be bought with money, it only comes from the inside of us.

 Happiness is like a flowing river that once it starts to flow and you don't allow what people do around you to affect your emotions, it flows like a river none stop.

 Happiness is self inflicted, happiness does not depend on what we have rather it comes from the joy we place on ourselves, happiness is a choice and if we must succeed, we must try as much as possible to stay happy no matter what happens to us.

 Our success largely depends on our level of happiness, that's because, you need to be happy to be at your best, so we should try to stay happy even if we don't have what we want or need yet.

 We shouldn't allow people to dictate our happiness rather we should be responsible for our own happiness. Let's try to stay happy always and success will be ours soon.



Fatimah Yetunde
01 May

Exactly happiness is within and our success depends on our happiness so therefore we shouldn't allow people to dictate for us we should rather do what will bring us happiness always


Fidel Mboro
01 May

We should not give room for people to detect our happiness 

We should try to be happy always 

Nice post 


Joe Yenum
01 May

I don't know k can say for sure that our happiness affects our success.

I'll probably agree if it was the reverse as success makes one happy.

But oh well, happiness is very important in life. 


kodsy Cordelia
01 May

Happiness has a way of creating opportunities ... don't know if it works for others but kinda works for me. When you are Happy, you are surrounded with positive vibes. 

I love to be happy cuz it gives me joy!


Chidiebere Christian
01 May

Indeed we should try always and stay happy no matter what situation we face. We must try and stay away from negative people. We should be happy always


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