Be EncouragedšŸ’«

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Our mind is the most powerful organ on earth, small as it is, it is the most complicated of it's kind.

Within this thing we call a brain lies our creative strength. It is inborn, and can't be learnt, the only way to improve it is through practice.

So don't be afraid to use your mind, don't be discouraged if your not getting the desired result yet.

Just practice!!!

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Don't say your not a genius like Albert Einstein, don't say your not an entrepreneur like Elon Musk.

Even God starts things small, he could have created humans as adults yet he decided to start everyone as a baby.Ā 

Use the little you have and start this new week, dont wait for when you have millions before you become productive!

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It's okea to dream, but dreaming too much will paralyze you, act more often than not. If you go on, piling up dreams, you will end up with beautiful ideas that may never come to life by your hands...

It will shock you to see your dreams in reality, and the glory claimed by another man, one who worked on it!

Make no mistakes, humanity draw inspiration from source! That's why we think alikešŸ’„

Have a blissful week aheadā¤

dont forget, "Be Encouraged"





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Joe Yenum
29 Nov

This is definitely a great way to start the week.

To be encouraged in your endeavors even when they seem small.

Thank you. 


Ifeanyi Obasi
29 Nov

You are very much welcome bro. I wish you success in your endeavours


Mimi Marianne
29 Nov

The truth is that we can not have all the resources to start up something, we must start small so.that we can grow bigger...

dreams without  action are useless, we are the best funs to ourselves, so we must encourage become the best


Ifeanyi Obasi
29 Nov

Even God starts things small, so who are we not to?

Have a productive week ahead


Alizay Fatima
29 Nov

There is no meaning in just dreaming unless we work hard and make our dream come true. There is no point in dreaming...Make your dreams your strength, not your weakness by encouraging your self


Saviour Essien
29 Nov

Though matter the difficulties we find ourselves we should always be encouraged & stay motivated at all times. Thanks for sharing. 


Ogunleye Oluwafemi olawale
29 Nov

It is always good to encourage someone as it make a fellow kniwbhe or she is doing a following a right path and it will make him or her to be gingered the more and go about achieving it's aim and objectives.


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