Badges with Benefits? what's this?

At Uptrennd University, there is no denying that students love their badges.  They represent the memory of a hard post they needed to write, or a concept they had to fully grasp, or the silly adventures that we had as a community.  Perhaps they bring back a strong memory of a story we wrote in unison, or an imaginary trip we took.  Some special badges even are given out only to a small few - where a student's character has shined in the face of adversity.

For whatever reason, their badges all represent something special to each person, and they love to display them with pride, camaraderie and a special fondness for a shared experience.

Our latest event was one where we invited the platform to join in.  For the first time, badges were given not just to UU students, but also to the community who dared to embark on a 3 week challenge to write consistently, honor readers, and engage genuinely. This was not just for potential ZETA students, though it was a very KEEN way to pre-evaluate our ZETA potentials.  It was also a way for any Trenndian to challenge themselves and have the opportunity to earn prizes.

Since this was the first of its kind, we decided to step up the badge in a special way. Something very commemorative! Something that would last. Something that couldn't be mimicked or copied. Something that was unique, limited and special!

But it had to be something that carried not only the pride of UU on it - but also brought eyes to Uptrennd.  Something that was a win for the individual, a win for the team, a win for UU and a win for the platform.

Not sure if you know this about me yet?

It's only good if it's a win/win/win/win situation. haha

Gotta have at least 4 wins!

So... Tomorrow I will announce the final winners of the contest and the winners from all three marathons will be earning these badges. These are very special, and I hope that they wear these with pride!  

preview not available

But then....

Something a bit more festive for the occasion.

We had these minted for our winners.  They will be transferred to your wallet where you can choose to HODL them :) They will not lose their 1UP redemption amount.  They will ALWAYS be redeemable for the amount displayed, and when 1UP goes up in value - your prize rises with it!

  preview not available


Why are you backing them with 1up?

Simple. Because I love Uptrennd, 1UP and believe in our platform.  I believe that holding 1up for as long as possible is the best way I can express my support for our token, our platform and our community. Not everyone can afford to HODL - but I'm one that usually can. (though I have to pay my bills too! hehehe)

Do I have to HODL them?

Nope.  You can redeem them right now if you like!  Just let me know and I will redeem them for the value described on the image above. 

How long can I keep them without redeeming them?

Whenever you'd like to redeem them, just say the word.  I currently have a separate wallet that is ONLY holding the funds of 1UP for the redemption of these badges, and that 1UP will NEVER be sold.  If I were you?  I would hold them until the value of 1UP really goes up!  Not only does that help Uptrennd and the community- but it helps the value of the token to stay stable for longer, and it also benefits YOU with more value as the 1up token increases.  But... you do whatever you like.  It's yours!

Can I sell it myself?

You sure can!  But I will only redeem the value of the token to the original winner.  But if someone else would like to buy this Dynamic Badge from you!  Sure - why not? 

What about gifting to someone? I have two and I'd like to give one away!

It's yours!  Do whatever you like!  Just remember that the redemption of 1UP will ONLY be applicable for the original winner of the badge!

How many are minted?

There are only 7 of each minted, so they are very rare.  One for each winner, and I minted one for myself of each.  I had to have one too - they were just too pretty! hehehehe

Any other questions?  Ask belowHappy to give my best shot at answering!

Hope all you racers enjoy this!  We worked hard on these and spent a lot of time, energy and money to make this special!!! hehehe  Love you all and appreciate your very hard work making our platform shine!

Image source



Espandor .

Did I Win Something?

Oh please tell me I won something...

Oh wait I forgot, am neither a racer nor a coach, so what am I?

Wait, hold on let me think....

Oh Yes! GOT IT!

Am a Cheer Leader....😹

But wait a minute, which Team am i cheering for?

This Is Hard!

Hehe, am cheering for you all, i don't really know if i should say congratulations just yet, but hey i can't hold it any longer...

So then, you all deserve this, it's your hard work, so rock this badges with pride ...

I think ama steal a badge here, I Don't Care if i get arrested, they are  Just too adorable😟💜💜💜💜

But looking at the fact that I can't survive in jail, I'll just ask Mom Tiger to make me a badge for being a Cry Baby😹😹😹

lol, this was really fun...

Much appreciation to you Ma'am, I got no questions but just a lot of prayers for you, to continue in your good works, and God will see you through actualizing every thought that speaks of an idea, in your BIG brain... You know why Ma'am?

They are always Magical!😊💜




Tiger Lily

oh come on - this was the most awesome comment ever!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha

and you are unknown??

but you speak like my silver tongued pirate heheheh but you can't be that one... are you?!?!?!?!? LOLOLOL

cry baby badge?!?! i seriously want to make one now hahahahahahaha

cry baby cheerleader hahahahaha

thank you for this amazing comment that had me dying laughing LOL


Suny Ag

I am sssssssooooooo curiously looking for an unknown supporter for a long time. Maybe I have already found one :)


Tiger Lily

HAHAHAHAHAH  did you want to borrow my unknown supporter??? hahahahahaha

  let's see if he or she would like to go visit your posts too Sunyshine! LOLOL


Tiger Lily

hehehe and don't you realize ??? that is the point of the badges... they cannot be stolen :)

they are crypto-badges that can only belong to one person at a time hahahaha

so you should just join UU if you haven't already hahahahahaa  


Tiger Lily




you really got me! hahahaha I didn't know that it was you! hahahahahahahahaha

oh my gosh, i love you so much!  did your sister hold you down, tackling you with hugs today? hahahahaha did she hold you down until you said stop???

I told @Adeleye Abdulqudus to do the same thing to @Ismaheel Adeleye too!!!! LOL  but he told me that he was at school now - away from his brother hahahaha

@Wakygrace Shammah!  how did your brother sneak up on me like this???? LOLOL


Kemmy B.

😂😂😂 I read this thread and I am laughing out loud. He sneaked up on you ma'am? You can't imagine my surprise when I got his notification on my mobile.... I had to look closely, like who is this person and why am I following him/her? I went through past posts, behold It's JUSTIN!!!! I have no words!!! 😂


Tiger Lily

He really did hahahaha

He got me back cuz I told Waky to go tackle him and hold him down in a hug until he says stop!!!! Hahahhahas

I needed all siblings to hug attack one another yesterday so that I could get real life hugs to people hahahahahaha

So I guess he decided to sneak up on me now lololol


Espandor .

Who is this Justin You Speak Of?


OK I'll drop the act now😹

Once again, i got you laughing and that's a pleasure... :)

Lol my Sister couldn't hold me down even if she tried😹

Just one push and she's down baby!😎

Hahahahaha, That was funny just typing it😂😂😂

I'll be looking out for you hahaha, and I hope I get caught this time😹

Am still very sneaky👽🚶


Tiger Lily

you got me so laughing!!!!! it was all worth it!!!!


you are the sneakiest pirate ever - and I love it!!! LOLOL

you are making me think of a new type of pirate hunt for December hahaha

i HOPE that you are going to be a part of it LOLOLOL


Ozï Oma

Honestly, your ingenuity always has me doffing my hat for you, all the work you put in and all the creativity that goes with it, hopefully one day I'll be that good enough with creating contents, and I can't wait to know the winners of the marathon


Tiger Lily

hehehe why don't you join UU!  You will definitely improve your skills  - IF you are willing to work hard :)

Thank you so much for the compliments!  We have all worked hard to accomplish each stage :)


Saviour Essien

Ma please it’s my be wrong to ask this question here through am a bit old in the platform but I’m terms of knowledge am young. How do I join UU? I’m so eager to join but lack ideas on how to apply. 


Tiger Lily

this is the RIGHT place to ask :)

If you are going to ask someone - the best person to ask is me hahahahaa

You are not too late to apply for the ZETA session of UU.   Several people asked if I would extend the deadline for the application.  So it is extended :)

Tomorrow at midnight  (California time, PST)  is the deadline.  So that is 29 hours hour from now - so do get started right away and follow all the instructions please!

You should join the discord channel right away.  There are rules that you need to read and accept  (make sure you actually take the time to read - and follow the instructions.  Too many people DO NOT read - and then they wonder why they can't answer the questions at the end LOL)

Here is the invitation to the discord :)

that link is only active for 24 hours - so make sure you click on it and follow the rules to enter right away.  When you get through all the rules - you will enter the welcome lounge where people will update your roles to enter the main room :)

and go to my post on my blog - I wrote it a little over a week ago.  The picture has a giant Z on the post :)

That is the application for ZETA.... good luck-  WRITE LIKE YOU ARE TRYING TO IMPRESS US!!! :)


Gotty King

Ai ai captain.... New skipper here


Tiger Lily

Nice! hehehe  be on the lookout for the next Treasure Hunt - it's coming in December and it will be a new type of hunt!  :)


Elizabeth V

You,  our dearest @Tiger Lily,  love to give surprises, love to give away prizes and rewards.  And you just don't give rewards just like that,  it has to be special, unique and this one commemorative . I don't know of anyone who will go the extra mile just to give rewards.  You are one of a kind,  just like those minted tokens!!!

Oh, and A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners in the marathon!!! You guys did a marvelous job!!!!


Tiger Lily

hehehe yes - we had to go above and beyond for our winners!!! It is super fun to do things like this for the platform!!!

I'm glad that so many appreciate - it makes it worthwhile to have fun with people who take the time to notice all the hard work!  that's for sure hehehehe

the marathon racers have done so well!   and It has REALLY helped us to see how hard they would work for ZETA!!!  so - very good thing this marathon turned out to be :)


Benazir Ibrahim

love you too and we so much appreciate all that you are doing.👏👏👏

Oh my God mints💃💃 this is so cool and enviable. And those badges are quite the sight. Awesome!! You have all these creative and very exciting ideas all the time. Way to go!!


Tiger Lily

Thank you so much!!! :)  Yes - this mind doesn't stop very often hahaha there is always a party of ideas happening over and over... sometimes TOO MANY ideas LOLOL  then its like - shhhhhhhhhhh everyone go to sleep!  hahahahaa

and I do believe that YOU were one of the winners last week right??? hehhe

so I hope that you will be enjoying your special badges!! :)


Benazir Ibrahim

Haha ' everyone go to sleep'

Yes I won last week too and I can't wait the rock the bagde with all the pride and fulfilment.😄😄


victor vickyrich

Hello @tiger Lily,

Awesomely awesome. This is very good and I appreciate your effortry on this. During the marathon,I noticed some changes in the way some users write and I must say it has help so many users too.

To whom the badge is given should truly deserve the win but everyone did well. With more persistency and hardwork, writing skills will be easier and much more readable too.

Thanks for all you do ma'am @tiger Lily. Your kind of love for the platform is the kind that I wish we should all have too. 

I am @victor vickyrich







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