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Automotive industry and possibilities of blockchain in it

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MrBullishSail Crypto Trader 8 months ago

Excellent content, Romana, I love all the solutions you have proposed for the automotive industry, would facilitate many processes, would make life easier for users and companies, as you say imports are a headache today, with the use of the blockchain would not be so much distrust and would be much easier to import.

Romana Grubesic 8 months ago

Exactly Mr. If you ever bought car over border, you know it is a long process with many paperwork and a lot of fees. Also, if you bought car from someone who did that before, you never know real kilometers :)

St3v3 T88888 3 months ago

You never cease to amaze me with your posts Romana, great read keep them coming.

Romana Grubesic 3 months ago

Thnx Steve :) Means a lot!

Elena Demou 8 months ago

A lot of that makes sense, especially data storage!

Romana Grubesic 8 months ago

Yes, agree. All parts of that chain would use all benefits of implementation. 

Mr- Phoenix 8 months ago

Very interesting analysis dear Romana ! One more good proposal for using blockchain technology! 

Romana Grubesic 8 months ago

Thank you M. Acctualy, a huge part of that industy is moving in that direction. Connected cars is a new "trend" in this branche, so lot of people are trying to connect that 3 pieces of puzzle into one compact solid long-life project.

Nathan Kaytar 8 months ago

Wow you really did your research!

All of the above would be great use cases for blockchain Tech! I can't wait for this world to change for the better.

Romana Grubesic 8 months ago

Thnx Nathan. This industry is moving forward in that direction. I guess all will be more visible by 2025 when connected cars takeover the market. Interesting period for automotive industry!







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