Atomic Swap - 138 1UPs to Ether

I have prepared an exchange for 138 1Ups for Ether:

138 * 0.0006 (1UP price) = 0.0828 US$

0.0828 / 200 (Ether price) = 0.000414

Good prices - low price for the 1UPs and high price for the Ether.

The Atomic Swap:

Use your Ethereum wallet.

Check the Contracts tab.

Contract: 0x287D4D393fe77CAF1faC1717CfDEA6300B302c1B

Insert ABI (copy from the site) -

Choose the doExchange function.

The exchangeId is: 0 (zero, this is the first exchange….)

Ether needed: 0.000414000206 (there is the Smart Contract fee).


Anyone that has an Ethereum account can do this transaction.

Please, if possible do capture your screen (not your account password!) while doing this transaction and sent it my way – [email protected].

There might be a problem with the new site so if you encounter such a problem use -


Whenever the deal is done I'll contribute this sum to the A-Token reserve without any printing of new A-Tokens.

Thank you!




preview not available Victoria Haruna
04 Nov

Hey buddy,

What do you intend to achieve with this?

I seem not to understand.


Arik Schenkler
04 Nov

I am presenting several things with this:

1. The ability for everyone to eschange ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain peer-to-peer. So, this is a tool to avoid the need to use exchanges.

2. Presenting one way that A-Token ( is earning small fee from activating this Smart Contract.

Atomic Swap is a way to secure a transaction. Thus just if the transaction is done tokens exchange hands. This Smart contract can exchange Ether as well.

So, we have a very simple and cheap solution for exchange of tokens, very usuable for Uptrenndians!


preview not available St3v3 T88888
03 Nov

What is this?


Arik Schenkler
04 Nov

Please read my answer to Victoria Haruna.

If you have more questions or remarks - feel free to post those and I'll try to relate to them.


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