Assalamualaikum to all

I'm going to say about the Guardian here,

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We don't like some of the Guardians here because they cut our points for no reason. Why is it fair? We work hard, collect points and cut the Guardian. If our post is not right, give us a warning first. You know, why do you cut our points without Guardian Warling?

It is the duty of the Guardian to cut our points, it is the duty of the Guardian to correct our mistake. It is all your duty. If you want the Guardian to guide us to correct our mistakes. Don't bother the other. If you do such a thing, Guardian, what is left of the others?



Madiha Maan
21 Nov

If we comment low  level then only our point cuts


Nouman Yousaf
21 Nov

Do no disapoint dear no problem.Before some day i was getting many downvotes with high numbers.But now not.It is ok now.



preview not available Timo Thee
22 Nov

Saeed, the guardians are here to make sure everyone follows the rules of the site. 

They are not trying to punish you for no reason. If you have lost points, it is only from breaking the rules of the site, whether it's plagiarism or spamming, or whatever it may be.

We warn new users before ever removing points, but the older users should know better than to break the rules. They don't get as many warnings. 


Hope Ochei
29 Nov

I share your pain on this. But joining a platform demands that you have read about the objectives and dos and donts of that particular platform. 

Nevertheless you can always recover. 

For next time, Channel your complaints to the support channel on telegram. 

By the way, I love your image. 


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