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18 Jan
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As I sit and wonder....

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EngrSamest . 5 months ago

I see uptrennd position as the number one social media platform with incentive and most engaging community with a strong team. With uptrennd, I see uptrennd mobile hub established in Africa and I visualized Uptrennd become one of the social media platform journalists all over whole will always refer to.

I see myself becoming a reference point based on positive achievement uptrennd would have contributed which will make Africans believe that is social media platform with a complete package of empowering people and influence their business and projects with a positive vibe that yield huge result

Chris Tibbits 5 months ago

Yes Samest...Uptrennd is a always improving and staying innovative. I LOVE your vision for yourself and the platform...AWESOME!!Thanks for the reply!

Becky Ruvare 5 months ago

To be honest in that period I see myself as one of the powerful bloggers on uptrennd with just a lot of knowledge to share without any struggles to come up with great original content, probably confident enough then to put up some videos (never know). And Uptrennd having grown into a big community with large numbers of people , new projects and a mobile app (I am waiting for this to happen, probably you won't have trouble uploading your pictures then😀)

Chris Tibbits 5 months ago

I LOVE IT Joyce!! I love your positivity here! I'm with you on the OC. As the platform grows and we add different communities, that will definately help! We will do what we can until then right?? I am waiting on that mobile app as well, but as many times as I saved my draft (always do before I POST it), I could NOT get that pic to save. Finally, I just posted it anyway...and when I check...what do you know... it posted lol! I give up!!

Sabelo Mbombela 5 months ago

Uptrennd is truly a great platform and to be rewarded fairly for creating content is even greater. This platform is for the community by the community.

Chris Tibbits 5 months ago

SOLD!! Sign me up!! Oh wait, I'm already in...well, WELL SAID Sabelo!!

Rana Hamza 5 months ago

You briefly explain your journey on uptrennd quite wonderful way.

The sole purpose of ubtrennd empowering the people .it provide wide range of communication and interaction with peoples of differnt countries which help in active potential. 

Chris Tibbits 5 months ago

Very true Rana! Thanks for stopping by to comment...I appreciate any and ALL comments! 

Pius Okedinachi 5 months ago

I am barely 2 weeks here, I would like to help in Africa as much I can... I will do my best.

As for Uptrennd, 3-5 year from now, Wow! I know big but i can put a limit to how big it would be.... but very very big and the 1UP keep HODLing

Chris Tibbits 5 months ago

Well, if I haven't welcomed you..WELCOME Pius! I'm sure you will have no problems helping Africa. I have seen here on Uptrennd SO many excited, motivated and ENERGETIC people who love their country! You will have help no doubt! I agree...HODL!! 


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