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As a citizen responsibility

So today i am discus as a citizen responsiblites is very important for human present in the city and all our the world human responsiblities  and give her more benifits  in her life

Life become happy 

And man live a happy life 

As a citizen your responsiblities to protect save her city and world do not waste thing save extra thing most important save water is very important all thing present in the is the essential growth for human and one of the save her life do not cause pollution dont waste time 

And save her life do not cause the pollution use things donot thrown can be save and reused recyled again again and decrease the demostic level pollution 

And save you and your city thus he is aware of both his responsiblites privileges and his duties

His fore most duty in his loyalty is the country of his birth  your responsiblity trees and plant save her life because most important our city they make a peace full process decrease diseases or pollution specially land pollution or human being give oxygen for plant so that is why save trees and plant and  as a citizen save our city and clean the enviroment







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