The rise of AIs( Artificial Intelligence) will decrease the level of employment in many infrastures. 

People who doesn't fall into the tech expertise will be jeopardize left with little or no income. 

The programmed robots and other AIs will do almost all the works human begin do and those who study related courses with the functions of the robots will be in great competition with these tech intelligence beings that are capable of working for 24 hours. 

Human strenght is limited while robotic strenght is unlimited as long as electricity remains. 

The robots can work million times than human and people will depend and trust them because it doesn't violate instructions other than humans who takes shortcut for their own benefits. The question is, 

 Is the computer age really working?


What happens to human when these techs dominate?

Won't the rise of these AIs affect the use of human abilities?.

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Jeremiah Akpabio
21 Feb

No matter how much work that can be performed by the robots human intelligence still supperceed it. It human being that would operate the robots,  it is human that would make light available and it is human that would plan, arrange and execute. So with robots or no robots people would still work for an organization to function well.


Raheem Haider
26 Feb

Sometimes i thought how much progress Ai will do in future.As we see now,AI is replacing human effort but on other hand may be it will create unemployment.

What you think about it?


zdigital 22
07 Mar

unemployment equals no food on the table. 

no food on the table means relying on governemnt support.

relying on support equals slavey.


zdigital 22
07 Mar

What happens to human when these techs dominate? I know we will become more 'slaves' since unemployment will sky rocket.


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