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Artificial intelligence is actually a copy of natural intelligence of human beings but the artificial artificial is related to machines work and is different from natural intelligence.

Actually Artificial intelligence is the branch of computer science and it has the ability to learn from past experiences and then processing it into for future and present use.

In artificial intelligence machines store the data and act accordingly, as science has made great strides in modern times and now science has begun to work manually by putting man to bed. Almost all of the works are done by machines.Few types of artificial intelligence are: 

Interactive Machines!!

These machines test past experiences but do not use them for the future and they only do their work in the present. For example, many of these are working in Chess games.

Limited memory!!

They store a certain amount of memory and work according to how much data is stored in them. For example, whatever data is stored in a driving automatic cars. They store data for vehicle speed and limited speed etc. 


This is not an applicable yet, but it does mean that machines are thinking of having a self-awareness feature so that the machines can take care of themselves and understand their feelings.

Scope Of Artificial intelligence In Pakistan!!

I am sure you will know more about it than me but the real purpose of this post is how much scope it has in Pakistan. So many students who have taken the entrance test are worried about what to do. 

Today is the age of machines and in the next few years there will be machines. There are programs around us and in many universities in Pakistan, for example Air University Pakistan.

Future of Artificial Intelligence!!

Artificial Intelligence are playing a very important role not only in daily activities but also in medical.

In the world of entertainment, artificial intelligence is a threat because anyone who searches for an actor or movie will find not only all the details of that actor but also all the ratings and everything is being worked on right now.

 Artificial intelligence is still very important in medicine, for example MRI etc. of the brain and in the next few years these machines will diagnose themselves.

Do you think there will be downsides of artificial intelligence??And how??




Freekay Gold
29 Dec

This is very a positive post.

We really need to educate ourselves in other to make things so easy to understand and not the artificial knowledge that can get expired some day.


Aqsa Ahmad
29 Dec

Yes ,,,,

Artificialitt is also a part of our lives and has a vital importance !

Without this one we can't survive perfectly..

Hope for the best !


Edy Stringz
29 Dec

Of course, everything that has a good effect has a bad one too

so artificial intelligence will have one too

Bit the importance will outweigh the bad effects

We shouldn't discourage artificial intelligence cos they will be here to do the things that human can delegate to them

so that humans can have some rest and think new inventions that will help better the lives of other peoeple


Inam Ullah
29 Dec

I read about artificial intelegence its very usefull and facilated humans but i appreciate your post and hardworking you explain all with very easy method everyone got idea of this easly credit goes to your wrting skill


Syed Inayat shah
29 Dec

Artificial intellegence are stolen form of humans intelegence. it live example is Robot which can speak with humans. 


Artificial Intelligence





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