Artificial intelligence, like the human brain, requires 'sleep':

Artificial intelligence is a subdivision of computer science that deals with intelligence (or understanding), learning, and the adoption of an ability.

Automation has always been the desire of mankind.  Most of the inventions in the world are the result of this desire.  Readers, today we have mentioned such a creation of man.  Artificial Intelligence, which means we have to develop the capabilities inside a computer or machine to think and act like humans.  According to another definition, such instructions should be inserted in the computer so that it can think and work in a logical way. Thanks to this technology, we can perform many of our daily tasks automatically with the help of computer.  Can perform  For example, if your computer not only collects ticket information from different airlines at your request, it will also automatically book the cheapest ticket for you.

 The history of artificial intelligence is very old - we find its traces in Quarsto's philosophy, Khwarazmi's algebra, Chomsky's linguistics, economics and psychology - it was founded in modern times when Minsky and Edmund (  Edmon) built the first neural computer - in 1956 the field was renamed Regular Artificial Intelligence.

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Saira Kakar
12 Nov

you are right human brain requires sleep for  freshment and in this way our brain can be able to do hardwork after rest in our life


Chidiebere Nze
12 Nov

Technology would not cease to amaze!
I can only imagine a world where machines would have a lot of capacity to be overly independent of humans. But...
What would that lead to?

Terminator movie on my mind!


Awais Babu
12 Nov

Yes exactly you are right dear human brain need relaxation specially children need sleep for best intelligence qualities so awaya try to give rest and sleep n time...


Nadir Ali
12 Nov

The human mind just like act as computer 

But the human mind need relaxation after a long time the human mind is tired .that'd why it need relaxation.


John Eberechukwunemerem
12 Nov

You're right, as a Computer Science student, I can confirm to you that Artificial intelligencet' is the new of life and it's taking over the world


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