Arnold's late goal safes Liverpool fc

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It was a frustrating game for the reds yesterday at Anfield, After Roberto Firmino equaliser was cancel in a very narrow offside position by Var.

Aston Villa took the lead first in the 43 minutes with O Watkins goal who was assisted by J. McGinn. Firmino in the 45 minutes got an equaliser, but it was disallowed.

Liverpool kept on pressing hard has the Egyptian King Mohammed Salah got the allowed equaliser for Liverpool in the 57 minutes.

Towards the end of the final whistle at exactly 90 minutes, England and Liverpool wonder kid Trent Alexander Arnold came to the rescue of the reds with a powerful late minutes strike and that was it.

Liverpool had a total of 10 shots on target and 7 shots off target and with a 68% ball possession While Aston Villa had 5shots on target and 4 shots off target with 32% ball possession. Liverpool are now moving closer to top four..



Uwem Ekanem
10 Apr

Am hoping for Liverpool to enter top four. If they continue with the winning spirit, definitely they will enter. Their performance yesterday was OK.


Ifiok Eso
11 Apr

Yea, their performance was okay, but Var wanted to frustrate us. All thanks to Arnold's late minutes strike..


KimJoe Abara
10 Apr

Well... It was a great match...

And Liverpool got the 3 points...

They should keep working as they prepare to take  on Madrid


Ifiok Eso
11 Apr

Sure, am hoping to see them bounce back against Real Madrid.


Jeremiah Akpabio
10 Apr

It was really a frustrating day for Liverpool as they struggle to win. I had thought by now that the league is winding off with few matches remaining they would be bubbling. Anyway that was a stroke of luck for them to climb to 5th position.


Ifiok Eso
11 Apr

Well, that's true though. But with the current injury crisis, i think they have dome remarkably well. I just pray they finish on top four..


Misterquality Spyz
11 Apr

Liverpool is improving but they have to be more of themselves...they have to be the Liverpool that won Barcelona 4-0 ... That's the Liverpool we're expecting to see. Though so far,thier performance has been credible


Ifiok Eso
11 Apr

The Liverpool that won Barcelona are a little bit different from this present Liverpool due to injury crisis. But we are still hopeful.


smart okon
11 Apr

We are moving closer into the top four spot, but it is quite funny, few months back I never thought we could be at this position. A great comeback by Trent. Great game!







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