Are you READY?

Our Jesus warns us thus " Be ye READY, for the son of Man is coming"

when you do not expect HIM the Bible says in the book of Matthew 24:44. He could return today! 

have you trusted HIM as your Savior? Are you waiting For His return?

are you ready to go to His heavenly Home with Him whenever He comes?


if you are not, I urge you to make up your mind today and be ready.for the son of man will come like a thief in the night.

If He should come today, where will He met you? Will you be ready for judgment?

i urge you to make up your mind today before it's too late 

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Jerry Otebele
29 Nov

Hmmmm! You've shared a very BRIEF but DEEP article. Indeed, Jesus is coming at a TIME no MAN expect HIM.

I pray we DON'T miss HIM on that day and may we NOT be found wanting on that day in Jesus name, AMEN. ☀👑🙌🚀


Egwu Doris .
29 Nov

Daily I pray for grace to be met by Christ on the right track. In this world of today, its not been easy to live holy but with Gods grace we can.

Oh lord please help me to live without blemish. He is my lord and saviour


Chidiebere Nze
29 Nov

The message about the kigndom of Heaven and the second coming of Jesus Christ have been preached for many years and it will all be fulfilled at the time we least expect. Many people still wonder if it true that Jesus will come again and gather all who are his to his kingdom. This is because to them it has been a long time since the message was preached.


Ayoola Adegoke
29 Nov

As have always been into anticipating the coming of our Lord Jesus 

We never know when he is coming

We should always stay holy in order to reign with him


Freekay Gold
29 Nov

Thanks for this great reminder of coming back of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We shall all receive his grace to make heaven.







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