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Are You Ready to Let Go of Passwords?

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Osato Jegede 1 month ago

For me, I prefer Biometric

Matthew Rosenquist 1 month ago

Biometrics are very convenientBiometrics are very conveinent

Luke Brenland 1 month ago

i prefer passwords for all things tbh, i try not to save any passwords for important sites lol always doing things manually is long but worth it i hope!

Matthew Rosenquist 1 month ago

Use a good password manager that is not cloud based.  One which you and only you have the master password.  It makes it easier to have unique passwords for different access.  I like Keepass.  It is not pretty, but many of my cybersecurity friends love it for its security and transparency.

Russ Pam 1 month ago

I still prefer passwords

Matthew Rosenquist 1 month ago

I do for PC's but fingerprint is the absolute necessity for my phone.

Jansen Mod 1 month ago

We have biometrics for cash withdrawal from ATMs. I dont know if it is my hand, but 4 out of 10 attemps result in an error message. And when you reach 3, you cannot withdraw for another 24 hours. I dont remember how many times I came back without cash... but was enough to not want biometrics on my phone. Although would be a great way to cut down "phone time", since I probably would be locked out most of the time when I try to enter.
Therefore I also go for passwords. Not pins, although more convenient, I think(might be wrong) they are easier to hack. But the oldfashioned ones with lower case, uppercase, number and symbol, in all possible combinations. 

Matthew Rosenquist 1 month ago

That is a terrible success rate for the ATM's!  Never heard of such a bad experience.  Thanks for sharing.  That truly has to be frustrating.  I guess passwords are the best for you until more reliable options are available.

Jansen Mod 1 month ago

It's a palm scan. For some larger actions/account changes inside the bank itself, they also want a bio-metric scan. Imagine me sitting there and get 3 failures, they probably call the cops...

Think they were even one of the forerunners with this technology for ATMs. Maybe they never updated afterwards and we are stuck with some beta version? But since -then- and -now- much more places are accepting debit/credit cards, so there is luckily less and less need for cash. But I still need it, because for example my building has a laundromat self-service in the basement and you can only buy the coins with cash. If I want to wash my clothes, towels, sheets, I better have some cash or I end up washing everything by hand.
(you know, those rooms from the "old" 80-ties Levi's 501-commercial. For the younger generation: as in The Big Bang Theory.)


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